Hey uh, small issue

BattlEye doesn’t work.

It would help if you could provide more details.

It could explain why the Steam Overlay has begun to function once more, but yeah more details would be nice.

Unity is already notoriously easy to hack in and BattlEye hasn’t been updated pretty much since it was added. I’ve been playing Arena on Pandahut 14 recently and almost every time I’m on somebody has aim-lock or is clipping through the ground or shooting through the pillars. It’s the same story on Vanilla Washington and Russia as well. I don’t know how hacks or BattlEye work so as for specifics I can’t really say, but I can give experience and experience is dying to people through walls every 5 minutes.

That’s because clearly the servers you play on rely on BattlEye to do the job of admins. Admins still need to be on their guard. That said, I have not encountered a hacker for at least 100 hours ingame, and I’ve seen BattlEye banning people still, so to say it’s useless would be an overstatement.

Then again, maybe BattlEye was merely disabled. It has been briefly in previous updates.

also Pandahut servers are trash

I know pandahut servers are trash but they’re the only half decent monolith one around. Also how is keeping hackers out of the game purely an admin job? Admins control servers but should be left to keep the entire game safe from hackers

I don’t think he ever claimed it was an admin-only jobs. Admins and BattlEye need to work in tandem to really keep hackers out, and GreatHeroJ was implying that the admins were lackluster if there were hackers on specific servers.

The admins are lackluster on some servers but the point of an anti cheat is to make it so there are no cheaters

Well, there are zero cheaters on the servers I play on, which have some pretty good admins, and I haven’t seen a cheater ingame in months.

So I can’t help but wonder what kind of servers those are that you play on.

Servers with shit admins that don’t catch cheaters BattlEye is missing


Sounds like you need to find some better servers. What geographical region are you in?

Yes, the concept of an anti-cheat is to remove all hackers from a game, but achieving something like banning every and all cheaters isn’t feasible. Cheaters and those who code cheats are always going to find a way to get around somehow, and the anti-cheat will quickly look for a way to patch it out. It’s a constant race between cheat and anti-cheat, with neither side really winning.

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East coast North America

Just to briefly clarify for people, the BattlEye issue regarding Steam Overlay is resolved, and both are coexisting once more.

That aside, I have to agree that admins still should be doing their jobs, considering the position exists for many reasons. The point of anti-cheat is to stop obvious cheats with as few mistakes as possible, not to ban all cheaters. A 100% catch rate would be feasible for anti-cheats if they didn’t mind banning everybody.


Until the next update for Unturned…

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