Hi guys How do your classroom look like

Mine is the worst
(I dont have a picture yet)

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I’m in the university, I don’t have a classroom

University room

im in a shitty cyber school, it’s just a bland/depressing program


A generic room full of noisy people, I sometimes believe that WW3 will come out of there, so many discussions that take place there!

it looks like a uwu chamber


This is actually a trap to get homeschoolers to dox themselves.


well im in highschool so i see a lot of different classes
but if i had to pick one, it looks like a gym

Lecture hall? No, It’s called a U N I V E R S I T Y R O O M


Keep working hard TophatPesky-Snan!

special class


el montro cama

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i dont have a classroom :s

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In Australia we have the tables together. Our school has nice tables and chairs, usually in groups of 4 or 6.