Hi I need help with UII demo sorry

Hello there, I recently got the UII demo. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to put more ammo in the gun, and the screen is blurry despite having everything (I think) on max settings. Any help appreciated.

Blurriness could possibly be some post-processing setting. Have you tried seeing if it does it on lower settings? With reloading the guns you have to manually add ammo into the magazines. Get somewhere where you are able to interact with the magazine like using inspect on the gun or just having it in your inventory then drag ammo into it. If the ammo is in a crate, inspect the crate then drag the ammo from it into your magazine.

What AstronautPug said would also work but detaching the magazine is optional I believe.

  1. To put more ammo in a gun,
  • If it’s in your hand, either open the attachments menu using T, click on the magazine, then click detach,
  • If it’s in your inventory, right click on it, click inspect, and drag the magazine icon into your inventory.

To put bullets in the magazine, drag bullets of the type corresponding to the magazine (5.56x45mm for Eaglefire mags, 7.62x51mm for sniper mags) onto the magazine.

To load bullets from ammo containers, right click-inspect the container (this can be done even if the container is in a crate or on the ground) and drag the bullets onto the magazine. The magazine will be filled, and all remaining ammo will return to the container.

  1. If your screen is blurry, check your resolution and resolution scaling options. If resolution scaling is not at 100%, that may be the problem. If it is at 100%, change your resolution around and see what works (not too laggy, not too blurry).

Detaching the magazine is only optional if you have another magazine in your inventory.

If you do have another magazine, you can skip the detaching bit and just press R to load the full magazine once you’re done.

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Scaling is on 100% but I can’t find the resolution setting which is weird because I have found it before and changed it to my resolution.

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It should be on top of the settings menu, above the Apply Display Settings button. Screenshot?

For the ammo thing, do you mean like putting more bullets into the magazine itself? Or reloading the gun with a new magazine that already has ammo in it?

Blurriness is the resolution scaling, maybe (should be near the top sliders if I remember correctly in settings)

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What about lowering settings a bit? Post-processing seems like it kind of blurs parts of the screen for me unless this is an excessive amount of blur.

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Ok so it just turned out that when I changed the resolution the first time I clicked the wrong save changes button (as there are two), thank you everyone for the support!

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You can drag and drop ammo into the magazine without taking it off the gun.

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