Hi, player! Aren't you going to say "I want to join the coalition?"

Captain Sydney: “Oh, come on bucko! Don’t you want a quest for experience?”
Player: “My group says i’m not supposed to accept requests from strangers.”
Captain Sydney: “Very wise of your group, Player very wise indeed. I am Sydney the Tyrannical Captain. You are Player- so now we know each other!”
Player: “I guess so, i got to go!”
Captain Sydney: “GO?! Without this?” Shows quest rewards
Player: “A JET!”
Captain Sydney: “EXACTLY! Go on, kiddo; dig in!
Ohhh, you want it don’t you player. Oh of course you do!
And there’s Suppressed Shotguns and Scoped Aces and all sorts of surprises down here!
And berries too, All colours…”
Player: “Do they float?”
Captain Sydney: “Oh yes, they float, Player. They float… When you’re down here with me YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!”
Player: *Screaming due to endless quest to get jet."


h e y g e o r g i e

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