Hidden clothing compartments and pat-downs

I think that a cool addition to UII would be hidden clothing compartments and pat-downs. in U3 when you are robbed you are generally forced to take off your clothes and other storage items, but you can still hide a small gun in your hand slots.

Hidden clothing compartments

These would be things like hiding a knife in your boot or a note in your hat. They would not be visible even if you have been in a pat-down.


In a pat-down, the robber would walk up and hold a certain button for 10 seconds or something when looking at the victim, and they would then be able to view the victim’s inventory. Things in hidden clothing compartments would be invisible to the robber.

This is just an idea that I think would be cool and would benefit aspects like role-playing.

  • Both are good
  • Hidden compartments are good, not pat-downs
  • Pat-downs are good, not hidden compartments
  • Both are bad

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An already confirmed upcoming feature of UII is being able to loot a surrendered player’s inventory.

I think that system would be good enough.

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I like the Pat-downs idea. This would not fix but help the “KOS situation” as people wouldnt need to kill someone to check if he has someone the killer might need. Me likey

You could hide a full sized gun there like a grizzly, which would normally be impossible to hide.

It would be cool, but you shouldnt be abel to hide firearms

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