Hidden Stuff!

Hidden files and links

Random Semi-Hidden things I found on the site

RSS Feeds

Put into a HTML file or preview them here.


RSS Feed - Latest Replys / Posts
RSS Feed - Latest Posts


RSS Feed - Site Feedback
RSS Feed - Memes
RSS Feed - Uncategorized
RSS Feed - Unturned 1 - 2
RSS Feed - Unturned 3
RSS Feed - Unturned 4
RSS Feed - Workshop


Any post [Post Url]+.rss
RSS Feed - Post Example Any post example


Files - Uploaded profile pictures Needs to be sub file scanned example bellow
Files - Nelsons profile picture
Files - Little Nelson
Files - Spinner Not sure how usefull this is :smile:

Misc / Not very secretive

Misc - Emojis Insert emoji name + “.png” at end e.g “[URL]/+1.png”
Misc - Emojis Example Exmple of emoji URL
Misc - Groups Not very secretive at all!
Misc - All Badges Not very secretive at all! But alot of people dont seem to know all the badges

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Oooooh What is dis I see

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In files, only the little nelson link works.

Oops ill get right onto it

EDIT All fixed!