Hiding in/next to a car

It’s small feature, but I’m thinking about ducking in a car (https://ctrlv.cz/z86d)/ next to a car (https://www.selectbutton.com/webhook-uploads/1418582472321_884-1280.jpg), I mean your character just ducks in a car, or crouches next to the car. I think it’s simple, and it could give the game a little bit of pvp feel or just a simple good idea. Thanks for any more suggestions or telling us your opinion

I don’t get why you can’t just crouch normally near the side of a car. This has always been possible in Unturned.

I think the main point of this post is being able to crouch or hide in a car to escape detection from other players,/zombies.


Since being in a vehicle isn’t an entirely different state to not anymore, I think having crouch/prone kinda-ish function while in a vehicle would be alright. Ducking below the car dashboard and whatnot.

I’d support this. :+1:

Ducking next to a car is completely necessary. Even the game you’re showing that’s literally just him crouching. It doesn’t need anything extra. Maybe make it similar to how players push doors open now, and have it so when you’re crouching next to a car you kinda keep to it with your palms.



That looks slightly familiar.

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