High Caliber Civilian Ammunition Crate

Players could use only High Caliber Civilian Ammunition to refill civilian rifle`s magazines and clips such as Hawkhound, Schofield, Makeshift Rifles (Sportshot is not included in this list because of its low damage). This kind of ammunition could spawn in gunshops and farms (official maps). I think that High Caliber Civilian Ammunition could be very useful for balance in Unturned 3.0.


But none of those weapons are unbalanced

high cal ammo exists to make ammo for weapons hard to get.

high cal civ ammo if rare would just make the listed weapons not worth the effort or just a hassle
if high cal civ ammo was just as common, it would still be more of a hassle

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Well, its kinda strange when you can find about 3 crates of low cal civ ammunition at the Police station and use this 3 crates for a very long time (even during long intense PVP). According to high civilian rifless damage it would be great to add high caliber civ ammunition and make it more rare than low cal (ofc you won`t be able to find high civ am at the police station because there spawns Cobra (PEI, Washington) and Viper (Germany) and this weapons will use low caliber civ ammunition).

It’s not really strange at all.

For guns like the Hawkhound and Schofield, their main advantages are their ammo economy and how efficient they are to use. They’re already well balanced PvE guns that require a lot of skill to use in PvP successfully (especially when someone could easily mow you down with an automatic between your shots). If anything, for that reason they’re some of the most high risk PvP weapons to use in the game, so changing them to use high caliber ammo would make them basically useless.

As for the Makeshift Rifles, they don’t use civilian ammo at all. You craft their ammo, which makes total sense given it’s unlikely a crudely handmade gun would be able to take factory tooled cartidges.


If you find only 1 full crate of low cal civ ammo you can shoot with this guns for a very long time. 1 low cal civ ammo crate= 5 hawkhound magazines. The main advantage of this guns is that you can easy find them and get pretty good damage. Adding High cal civ ammo will make gameplay with this rifles more interesting. This crate wont be hard to find (but itll be harder to find than low cal). High Caliber Civilian Ammunition Crate could replase low cal civ ammo crates in the farm spawns. Also it can be added into the gunshop spawns. You wont be able to find this crate at the police station. By reducing locations where this crate can spawn we wont find a lot of crates for hawkhound by looting police stations (Every map) and prison (Germany).

By why would police stations, which are meant to uphold the law, maybe, not have higher caliber ammunition, especially in countries such as Germany and other countries in Europe, where civilian gun ownership is much more heavily regulated?

There spawns only Cobra (automatic pistol) and viper (SMG). SMG and pistol are not about using high caliber. Also at german police station you can find swissgewehr but it uses low cal mil ammo.

How about no

How do gun laws have an impact on the type of ammunition the police uses?

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That’s what I want to know. Why don’t the police stock high-caliber ammunition?

iirc there are laws that restrict what weapons/equipment police use. Plus a lot of police forces probably don’t need to use High Caliber.

That’s a good point but i think it would be better to drop that concept for the sake of it being less of a hassle.

cues famous line of adding realism for the sake of realism is bad

It wouldnt be a hassle because of diffrent spawn points of the weapons (Pistols at the civilian locations, rifles at farms) and ammunition (for rifles- gunshops and farms, for pistols- police stations, gunshops) Civilian High Caliber could have only 1 common spawnpoint with Low Caliber (gunshops). Its not for sake of realism.

If there were more civilian guns and a bigger focus on civilian guns in general on most maps, I think this would have made sense. As is though, I don’t think we need anything like this.

I think Unturned is at its best when combat involves civilian weapons. Early game PVP is way more enjoyable and varied than late game pvp which is a prone max skill ar laser accuracy unfun mess.

While its too late for 3.0 to adopt something like this, it’s certainly something we’ll see in II - since actual specific cartridges are being added now, Nelson has a lot more flexibility with how rare the ammo for certain guns is, so bolt action rifles can now have less ammo spawn while something like a firearm chambered in .22LR, 9mm, etc, can have more common ammo spawns. Overall the addition of specific cartridges and ammo crates that no longer refill an entire class of weaponry but rather only specific ones depending on the round/s inside is a great thing for the sandbox.

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