Highly detailed map with accurate spawns

What if we had an ultra detailed medium sized map? For those (specifically) who can run it. This would mean larger cities, more accurate maps, more realistic spawn areas and more realistic wrecks and detailed buildings. Also ivy should be included. I suggest a map of Portland, Oregon USA. I suggest either downtown and the river along with the west side of Portland on the east side of the Willamette. Any map would work though. Also would it be possible to have buildings that degrade overtime? We could have collapsing structures.

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Detail ≠ A good map. And in 3.0 I don’t think spawns are broken. I think they’re fine. Loot progression is how it should be, low-tier bottom, all the way up to high tier at the top, well, for most maps.

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I see what you are saying @NeedlessMemeing I feel like an ultra detailed map would be extremely fun to play around with. I know it would take a very long time to create but it would be fantastic.

If it’s a fair, balanced map then it is fine. Cities do need to be A LOT larger in 4.0 though.

Yeah like in real life Everett is like twice the size of Tacoma but in Unturned, they are the same. But I mean,I am working on a Portland Oregon map. But I really just need help.its s ahuge project so I’d thought I share it here

With 4.0 being on Unreal, map size should be a lot bigger too. Bigger cities would be nice, and in real life you can’t really walk from St. Petersberg to Moscow, can you?

Exactly my point. It should take at least a good 1o minutes to walk that distance. Also I feel like there should be more forests and (spooky) areas.

Same. Thick woods would be a nice addition, where you have to be on the lookout for possible enemies.

Yeah, also maybe some more wildlife? I mean like if this happened in real life, animals would be everywhere.

Yeah, I agree.

I had a post similar to this talking about how unrealistic it was for example, a town to have 8 service buildings, but 3 houses. And I also agree that realistic wrecks would be a nice addition, just look at the car accidents on Washington’s destroyed bridges. What destroyed the bridges, and why would they keep driving to join the accident?

I also think it’s cool for structures or buildings to rot and decay. Maybe paint on buildings could decay, collapse, or downgrade during a weather event, like the weather getting too cold, or when it rains heavily, and it’ll need to be replaced or repainted. (lol, like the rusty mission and having to repaint the “LIBERATOR” text.)

I especially like the idea of a Portland map,

I’d like to pvp and/or rp in a map like that!

I’d like to pvp and/or rp in a map like that!

Yeah let me stop you right there.

Sure, I’m open to other opinions.
Let’s hear it!

I’m just saying the PvP and RP single handedly destroyed 3.0. But, a big city would be fun to gather resources in, trying to stay undetected by the zombies.

Yeah, I can agree that rp ruined 3.0’s survival aspect, and the more I kept playing it, I was unable to pvp.
(I guess I got back in touch with society, lol.)

Again, I’m super bad at pvp, but I’m hoping to improve when 4.0 comes out, and hopefully Nelson would focus more on survival and more productive updates instead of new guns.

I respect your opinion, and thank you for the discussion!

Yeah I’m pretty trash at PvP (if my ping was my fps and my fps was my ping i’d be a lot better), but I hope I can master it in 4.0.

I remember when I could run full settings. I took a break from Unturned, so I don’t know when the performance turned to literal cancer.

I think he means for them to have a more apocalyptic feel

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i could build a highly detailed map around nw indiana if youd like

Thank you all for the great discussions and comments I I like the idea of the Portland Map ust because well not only is it my hometown and I’m familiar with it but also it’s got a lot of variety it’s got Farms it’s got cities it’s got train stations it’s got apartment buildings it’s got skyscrapers Bridges pretty much everything you can think of and yeah a lot of cities have that but Portland naturally has it condensed into a small area so it makes sense and it would be a good map idea another thing is that yeah PVP wouldn’t really be possible in a map like this because of how spread out everything would be but I think that it would be one of the best single player Maps and also it would be extremely fun if it had more of an apocalyptic feel like someone set up there giving more deterioration to objects and eventual collapsing of bridges and other objects and maybe we could have power stations that we could somehow put fuel into the generators or fix and it would generate electricity for a certain radius of buildings

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