Hold and drop items

well heres and an example: walk up to some beans and hold right click and you will be holding the beans and you can throw them on your shelf.

Kind of like G-mod how you press a button and you are holding something


or like GTA 4, you can hold items and drop it

Like in Half Life 2?
This wouldn’t be too bad, maybe have it be picked up if you tap F (seeing as you have to hold it in 4.0). This could also work for grenades. The controls should go like this:

Hold F: Item goes to inventory
Tap F: Picked up in hands (pressing F again or switiching to a different item drops it)
(While holding) Mouse 1: Throw item
Mouse 2: ???

Items would have a certain velocity when thrown, that is related to their weight.

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Maybe taping f puts it in your inventory and holding f picks it up

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Currently it’s the other way around (as seen in the devlogs). And I think that’s how it should be.

Ehhh, mkay

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