Holding your gun at your side

A simple addition for mainly rp. Basically when you equip your hand gun your gun is held at your side. When you shoot or aim it is held up for a few seconds afterwards before being put back down. Much mike hit man.


Oh. One of those things, where if you have your weapon out for a while it goes to a rest position.

Yeah, I dunno how I feel about that one.


I really don’t see a purpose for this unless the player is sprinting or the weapon is in safety. Imagine how weird it would be to tapfire without aiming and having your arm jerk up and down.

Not to mention this animation sounds like it would take extra time to play in order to look remotely smooth.


A rest position 10-20 seconds after last fire is something i’ve wanted greatly for a long time. Nobody holds their gun out for hours on end like a FPS character.

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Like I said there would be a 10 second like wait after each shot where the arm will stay up. Also aim.

Personally I prefer it only happening when standing around with any gun for 30 seconds, held similarly to holding a weapon with safety on in 3.0 (Lowering it down). For melee weapons it would be exactly as you described (Held on the hip with both arms resting down). Animation is cancelled if any sort of action is done (e.g. Looking around, walking).

So basically an idle animation.

I mean this isn’t an RP addition, it’s simply attention to detail. Many games have idle animations.

I don’t like the idea of having it on your hip while moving though.


I think you should be abel to choose by pressing a key if your holding it up or having it in a resting position.
Having it in a resting position could move it down on the screen mostly out of your view

And the stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip


It doesn’t change gamplay its just an aesthetic

I don’t really think the animation to shooting is important, if the animation is subtle (like the gun just lowers down) then a quick change shouldn’t be super noticeable. Then again it’s not super necessary to add.

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