Homemade Maple Syrup, Butter, and Berry Jam

Food Spreads, they can work great for new variants of sandwiches, breakfast items, and cooking!
Mason Jars or Glass Bottles would be needed to make these homemade jams and spreads. (There are other ways of making these, but I’m using the methods I’m familiar with.)

You can make butter with milk.
Making homemade butter, you just need to keep the milk refrigerated cool overnight, and you’ll see the cream raise to the top. This could work with heavy cream or whipping cream. Separate the cream from the milk, and then transfer it to another container.
Put the lid back on the container, and then all you have to do is shake it around violently for about 3 minutes. It’ll appear light and fluffy in the first 3 minutes. Keep shaking it violently for 3 more minutes, and then you just pour and separate the buttermilk from the butter. And then you have a homemade butter!

For Unturned, I’d just like to keep it simple…
Recipe - “Milk + Mason Jar + Cloth = Butter” The mason jar will be used like a blowtorch, it’ll still remain in its same state. And the butter will have it’s cute little packaging.
Cooking I is required.

Maple Syrup can be tapped from Maple Trees. (Early Spring is the best time.)
Most of it comes from the Southeast of the tree, so start hammering a tap into there and install a tap, the maple tree will start bleeding maple syrup soon, so make sure there are buckets to catch the sap. You can do in another way, and don’t worry, the maple tree will start recovering once remove the tap. The nicer you are to the tree, the nicer it’ll be not only to you, but to generations to come.

For Unturned, you’ll require…
Recipe - “3 Metal Sheet + 1 Can + 1 Tape = Syrup Tap” The syrup tap will only be able to be placed (hammered) onto maple trees, (sometimes birch trees, but not as plentiful as maple) and will fill up as time goes by. (It’s like a rain barrel.) And when it’s full, you can take the empty glass bottle and right-click, like a canteen! You’ve made a bottle of homemade maple syrup! However, if you or some jerk cuts down the tree, the syrup tap dies too. (Those experience farmers have no chill! lol.)
Crafting II is required.

Last but not least, Berry Jam!
To be honest, I haven’t made any jams, or had any experience in making jams. Erin usually brings them over from her family’s farm, but I’m considering learning how to make jam incase SHTF.
But there are recipes on the internet you can find, sorry folks. :frowning:

Berry jam on the internet required ALOT of berries, I guess I could make it 4 per jar?
Recipe - “4 (Any) Berry + Heat + Mason Jar = (Any) Jam”
I think it requires sugar, maybe you can suggest a better crafting recipe in the comments.
Cooking I is required.

Well, there are my food suggestions, if you don’t like any of these ideas or have no comment, maybe you learned something new today that could be useful in the future!

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion, I’ll post a suggestion each day and try to respond to comments.


A nice, small addition to Unturned consumables adding homemade goods.

I like it, but the idea needs to be refined a bit more.

Is a very good idea because the berries is simple to find and you can add it to a sandwich.
Again, a very good idea :+1:
Here 2 classic recipe sugestions for using butter and jam
:bread:+jam +butter/homemade butter = butter and jam sandwich
Or much simple
:bread:+jam = bread with jam

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