Homing Missiles

Hello i’ve got a fighter jet mod in unturned. I published it in the workshop but i need to make New weapons for my jets. I thought Homing Missiles makes people happy and excited. I Tried to make it i just Tried every script on the net its Working fine on the unitys game screen but it Doesnt working on the unturned. I think the issue iş with the game. Maybe somebody knows how to make it help please !!!

It’s an issue with the game. Due to how Unturned is coded we can’t really add new code onto it without Server Plug-ins.

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So can i make Homing Missiles with rocket mod plugin ? If i code it? Is it possible?

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I haven’t messed with it myself, I would think its possible. But I wouldn’t know.

If it’s not possible with plugins, you could probably do it with modules. That being said, neither of those can be put on the Steam Workshop.


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