Horde mode zombies dont prioritize you

Horde mode zombies will sometimes prioritize the barriers over the player. Not necessarily the biggest bug but id thought id mention it here.


Well they have to get through the barricade to reach you.

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Isn’t it known already

Think he knows when the zombies pass by the barricade, they suddenly turn and attack the barricade


That’s because they’re helping out their friends. Take down all the barricades and nothing is in the way to stop them from entering.


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature

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Maybe this is a little weird?

I think the normal turneds should prioritize the player above all, and maybe those who prioritized the structures were differentiated turneds (which had superior intelligence).

HOWEVER, as in horde mode we only have one kind of turned, so far (as far as I know) I think…

This happened on earlier versions on 3.0 this isn’t a feature more of the AI prioritizing something else its pretty easy to change what they prioritize. If you really want me to get a video of whats happening i really could.

If barricades didn’t distract zombies, the repair barricades power up would be severely underpowered compared to the refill ammo power up.

well the zombies should never be able to break walls only small objects like knocking over barricades like trying to go through a wooden fence. like vehicles the zombies shouldn’t be able to destroy them unless to run to many over

For 1, what the hell does that have to do with anything,
And 2, that would make doors and player built houses indestructible to zombies, therefore making them easily survivable.

+nobody wants vehicles that you can just can’t out in forever while a whole bunch of strong creatures just wait outside hoping that you’ll drive somewhere.

So no.

Its not like that I meant that you can distract a zombie with a barrier if you walk near one. Priorities are the same over a player and barrier will most likely pick the closer target. If you were set it to where zombies prioritize players more then barriers then zombies would destroy only the barriers they need to get to you similar mechanics to 3.0 zombies. Not making zombies completely not ignore objects unless they have to.


Exactly, I think that makes a lot more sense.

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