Horde overhaul , how to make hordes a real challenge

If we can all agree something , it’s that hordes in survival mode of unturned 3.x are not that much of a threat… not at all tbh .
A simple by it’s concept, yet , way harder idea in term of difficulty would be to implement WWZ like hordes, made of many turned ( not thousands like in the movie but maybe 40 to 200 ) going at a fast speed , that could reach any player not sprinting . The horde, unlike in the movie could not climb as it would by far be too op . Which means players would have , if a horde happened , to hurry up toward a roof or a safe area, which might seems easy . One way to counter the roof jumping thing would be to allow zombies to jump further ( but not higher ) to jumo from roof to roof , hurrying the player to find a 100 % safe place . Hordes would work like a pack , with the strongest turned ( remember they are not zombies ) leading the pack, like an alpha . If the alpha is alive , i guess the turned could have enhanced speed, strength and jump .

Basically, Turned during a horde would :

  • be faster
  • Follow the Alpha turned
  • Benefit buffs as long as the Alpha is still alive
  • Jump further
  • produce a lot of noise , roars and steps, players wouldn’t be surprised by 50 turned while looting in an enclosed room .
  • During the horde, turned could also fall , like in a crowd , a falling turned would be immobilised for 5-10 seconds and if the Alpha fall , Turned all stop for 5-10 seconds , giving some time for the player to escape .
  • Killing the alpha would stop all turned in the area for 5-10 seconds and they would then attack you without the alpha pack buff , less coordinated but they won’t be able to all stop at the same time anymore as the alpha has been killed .

Hopefully you enjoy this idea and hopefully the great Nelson see this .


If any got ideas to improve this , send it right there .

great idea and nicely done, But in my opinion the horde should follow the noise and smell of the player and where they see (like sences, from the sences topic) and that they could climb, which would make them even more dangerous indeed, but it would make it more scary and challenging. some of them could for example climb like parkour up for Buildings not very fast but still, and others would just pile on top of eachother like in WWZ. and I dont really Think all of them should run, just the urneds that are supposed to do that, for example rabid turned or whatever, would be more aggressive and would run more and move faster and so on.

(also I wouldnt like to see a blood moon or anything like that… in the lenght it becomes boring annoying and very unrealistic, instead there could be Days (and nights) when the turneds are more “sensitive” they get more easily alerted and that way hordes could come… and some reason for this fenomenon plz)

Think about this; you were looting In an bigger city, on a day that the turneds were more sensitive on, you accidentally fall agains an metal shelf and it falls and makes a horrible sound, first you just attract a few turneds, not the whole city, but you make the mistake of fighting the few zombies with guns and a big part of the city gets alerted, when the alerted ones are coming they alert others and it just comes more and more… you decide to climb up on a roof and shoot a flare so that your team will come and rescue with an chopper, the turneds would climb up on the walls and other just pile up, you would fight back and kill the ones that get up, your team comes and shoots with a machine gun at the piling turneds that are trying to get up and then trows down a rope and rescues you.

would make the game more challenging and interesting XD I had other suggestions too related to this but I forgot em D:


Ok, I don’t like this Alpha turned thing maybe have each zombie attack you, I mean we are talking about the undead and not a wolf pack so…

I do think turned are quite different from zombies

I don’t think so.

Yeah no climbing. Also 40 -200 turned could kill some computers.

To make zombies and hordes “fun” would require a complete overhaul of what we currently have in 3.0. The bottom line is that zombies in Unturned 3.x are fundamentally flawed and there’s basically no middle ground between them being frustrating to deal with and free xp in which you dedicate a high tier melee weapon in your secondary slot to and call it a day.

So as long as they’re remotely like 3.0 zombies; expect them to suck.

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