Horribly mutated zombie easter egg

Remember the horribly mutated character model that was shown in the first devlog?revision
what if there was a low chance that a zombie would spawn with this model, nothing
different to him other than his model.


that or a prop in a S-7 lab cylinder tank


yes please

we must have rev #1

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that would be awesome if it just randomly spawned very rarely

Could maybe work for a new runner model, idk


looks like some sort of abomination I would want to exterminate

That seems shady. Very shady.
Almost like something a Shady Individual would do.

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Can it also insta kill us on sight with the cause of death being ‘eye cancer’?

Eye cancer?
No, it’s Visual AIDS

Combination of the two?

Da, comrade.

Zachem? A?

Look like the Jockey in Left 4 Dead 2 …


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