Horses and Sadlles


Although in my post “fauna” I have already addressed the theme I think deserves to be more detailed, horses apart from being companions are great means to go from one place to another without needing to use gasoline instead leaves it in a pasture near a lake so are could eat and drink automatically would be enough, I was thinking about how we could find them although it seems obvious that on farms but in a zombie apocalypse with the living dead wanting fresh meat I think the horses would find a way to escape what it takes to the following topic, Horses and zombies, zombies attack animals between them the horse then horses defend themselves with kicks which would be great for the next topic, Taming the horse after finding it you would use a rope to take the animal to a place safe after this you could start to tame it this could be possible thanks to a skill called “tamer” that would enable the domestication of various types of animals push a button to tame the horse would be kind of weird instead riding on it until it gets used to you and obeys your orders (same in minecraft) the higher your level of tamer the less time it would take for the animal to be domesticated if you do not have a tamer spot either it will never be domesticated, now we go to the next topic Riding, after the tame horse we go to what interests to mount using leather and metal we could make a saddle or simply finding a saddle on any farm, horses could carry 2 players and carry a bag with food , remedies and other things, something cool would be different colors of horses so in a group it would be easy to identify the horse of each member, so that was hope you liked the idea


Honestly before we consider all this stuff…

Just think what whould happen to it in the first pvp encounter.

I’m pretty sure, even if there skilled, there horses are going to continuously get murderd by even light skirmishes with other players, or forsake you walk a street down and a naked punches it to death.

Also, formatting please.


To be fair IRL horses are pretty tough, and could definitely take as much punishment as a normal person if not more. There is also horse armor, medieval and modern, so there could be some kind of makeshift version of either. I have no idea how I feel about this idea in general, because its weird for a apocalyptic survival game but the concept sounds pretty neat.


I do not know if you watch the walking dead but in the trailer of the ninth season shows them using horses since the gasoline is over, currently in the unturned we can extract gas from the ground using a mechanism but I think in 4.0 this will be more complicated to make horses would represent an alternative form of locomotion, something interesting would be the mechanics of reproducing animals so having on a small horse breeding base you do not have to worry if your horse dies since it will have another, it is interesting in a game if survival of the a motivation to create small communities and consequently rivalry with other groups that want to steal their animals


So will the controls be like minecraft’s horse riding though?

If this were to be added. I think it shouldn’t be. Minecraft’s horse riding is pretty odd, because you can instant turns 360. I think it should be more sluggish and harder to turn, but not like driving a vehicle.

Also, a little bit out of context. But If you’re going to use the “gas is out” as a standpoint. I’d hate to break the fact that bicycles exists.

You don’t need to feed them. You don’t need to tame them, kinda better than horses. But that’s just in my opinion.


Actually however the horses are faster and not Gaston istamina since it is not you who is moving bikes are useful as you said do not need to be fed


Yeah I think that’s one of the advantage of horses I think. I’m just saying that horses are not the only “vehicle” that’s require gas or fuel.

I don’t want to sounds like a bad person but… that is one of the confusing comment I’ve seen.

Nvm. All of yer sins have been lifted. For now.