I believe Nelson’s planning on adding interactive animals (horses, dogs etc) but I’d love to see horses in game. It would be a good alternative to cars, to sacrifice a bit of speed for fuel, etc. Also, how cool would it be to have a group of 3-4 men, on horseback with Zubeknakovs?


Yea that’d be great…even if horses will be rare to find… I’ll still find em

Pls don’t grill me, but it might be similar to Minecraft. There, I said it. You’d probably have to craft, or find a saddle. Then, you have to “tame” the :horse_racing:. Probably by ridding it and tempting it with vegetables. And once you tame it, you will still probably have to feed it.

This is your trade off for not having to worry about fuel. Get ready to have a dedicated veggie farm to feed your horse. After all, they eat much more than you do.

Also, unless they’re famished, horses should have some amount of pickiness when it comes to what food they want to eat right then and there. They may love carrots, so all you brought is carrots and they’ve decided they want some lettuce now.

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You want horses to be picky about the special treats they get? Carrots and lettuce are treats, not meals.

This is true, and another reason while feeding horses treats doesn’t make sense. You’d completely destroy their diet and nutrition.

Needing about 17 pounds of food a day, that’d be, like, 119 carrots? 16 lettuce (head included)? A mix of the two for picky horses?

I’d rather just have a car at that point.

Nelson dislikes the current food/water system for players, and has mentioned several times wanting to make a player’s diet and food/drink’s nutritional values relevant. I think it only makes sense that this applies to domesticated animals too.

The easiest way to keep horses actually viable would be to just have them eat hay (something that would have to be grown solely as animal feed, considering humans can’t really eat it). Nelson could also just let them eat grass from the ground too, and then let things like seasons force players to stockpile hay if they want to have a horse live through the winter.

If people wanted to give them special treats, then they could do that in addition to actual food. I’m not sure what benefit that’d provide as a game mechanic though, unless Nelson implements some sort of bond meter and their affection correlates with the amount of apples we shove down them.


yeah, I think they should be able to eat grass from the ground. You should be able to get the wheat from farms (with scythes, sickles etc) and craft animal feed, which you can stockpile to give the horse a good feed

the horses could be grazing in paddocks/farms, and you get on it and put a saddle on it, and it’s initially a bit clunky and unresponsive, but riding them gets much sharper as you gain a bond with the horse

Horses are nice and stuff. Just when it comes to pvp I don’t believe they will be viable and will just melt…


flash forwards to a noob beating it to death while you loot a building, or the next scene with a eaglefire

Horses can kick, stomp, charge, or simply run away. Punching them to death might be pretty difficult.


Just if there added, offensive capabilities need to be at the point of yea noobs won’t beat them to death, wolf status maybe?

How difficult should they be?

If there offensively as strong as a wolf they should not get punched to death I believe.

But what about A.I?

hasn’t it already been confirmed on the wiki?

be cool if a horse could break bones when they a attack you

i mean, a horse could literally fuck you up. imagine someone trying to beat up a fucking horse in real life. fucking dead. Also, the horse should have more health than you… because you know, it’s a fucking horse.
And personally I believe they’d be shit on pvp servers, but like… it’s not as if cars are any better.

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