Host headless Unturned Server on Ubuntu Server 20.04

I’ve tried hosting a headless Unturned server on Ubuntu Server 20.04 using the following guides:

But I get the following error:
“mono_gdb_render_native_backtraces not supported on this platform, unable to find gdb or lldb”

I found the error referenced here:

But looking at that thread, it looks like the problem was solved with an update, but that was also a year ago, so it might have broke again.

All guides I find tells me to install libmono2.0-cil/mono-runtime/mono-reference-assemblies-2.0. These packages doesn’t exist anymore, and from what I understand the have been replace by mono-devel and mono-complete. I’ve installed these instead, but same problem.

Anybody knows how to get it up and running? Or is there a complete, up-to-date guide that I haven’t found?

I would suggest always referring to official documentation first.

I’m unsure which method of hosting you were attempting to do (the original shortcut-based method, or the dedicated server app method), but these docs assume you are using the dedicated server app.

The original Rocket has been abandoned for months – you should use the LDM fork packaged with the base game instead.

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D’oh! Not very surprisingly, following that guide made things a whole lot easier. Thanks alot.

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