Hosting buttton

we need this back really because making a server from scratch it hard with the port forwarding and for idk why but some internet go slow when you have port forward that what i heard so probley that why am suggesting the topic to bring this back into the game.

What you are suggesting would run even worse.

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Wah? what do you mean

afaik if you try to run a server and unturned in the same pc, it will have a bad connection.

now think about it + bad internet. would be bad.

also, idk if it port fowards but try using uso

I assume you’re asking for a plug-n-play feature, which I would say is less reliable than manually port forwarding. And, either way, you’re going to still lag because you’re still going to be the host of the server. If you are hosting a server, you will lag.

USO doesn’t port forward (pretty sure there’s a UPnP feature for premium users though), and a lot of basic features are behind paywalls. As far as I see it, just port forwarding would be more efficient of your time, tbh.

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