Hosting Dedicated server And updating it not working

hi, ive been working on making my own online server to play with friends for a couple weeks on and off now and on the 17th i got further than any other days where i was able to connect my gaming laptop to my server running on an other laptop. the problem i was gonna check next was that i could not connect that same laptop over an other wifi signal despite using internetserver and connecting using the bound ip and port (the server didnt show up in lan on either wifis but everything worked fine on the same wifi as the host laptop) now as of yesterdday they updated the game so i went and tried to update to 3.20.18 using app_update as it worked from 16 to 17 (that was my problem for the last couple weeks) steamcmd updates the app with no error messages and when i launch back my server it is still on 3.20.17. i tried deleting my server (actually just removing the files from u3ds/server) and when i start my new server it is still on 17. After doing all of that i did delete steamcmd and my server and started over but the server still boots in 3.20.17. any tips or help?

managed to do it by updating app 304930 (unturned game) too. since i used the laptop for server only i didnt think about checking if the game was up to date. wierdly steam updated automatically the dedicated server but left the game on 3.20.17 even if auto updates are on for both.

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