Hot sauce and popcorn is shit

Seriously it’s shit
All the popcorn is wet and loose and why would you eat that
Though popcorn with salt and butter buds is rock in cool

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agreed. nothing else to say fite me


i also hate caramel corn

the last thing i think of when i see popcorn is “yo lemme fuckin’ make that shit SWEET”

it also makes me feel legitimately sick. as in physically motherfucking ill.


I remember seeing sour popcorn sold at a theatre once

Thankfully, I never saw it again.


I fucking hate eating popcorn with water >:[
It gets all soggy and shit and has no crunch. It turns into a mush and just creates a mess.

I don’t recommend you eat popcorn with water.

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Inplying that popcorn isn’t shitty in the first place.

We all knew that the best corn-based noisemaker are d r i e d c o r n f l a k e s .

Excuse me what

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i eat my popped-corn with moonshine

I thought the 2019 consensus was that we mostly preferred bleach with our popcorn.

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pesky I know you’re stealing these from the /fit/ thread

Sweet butter is fine, but yeah caramel is too overwhelmingly sweet, especially because they absolutely drench every kernel.

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no i cooked popcorn last night and thought, “hmmmmm, how would hot sauce taste with popcorn…”

tasted good with the first popcorn
didn’t taste good with the rest

plus i never use 4chan

you know now i want to have caramel popcorn it sounds delicious

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Crunching on some of these bad boys right now…

What can I say? Don’t put hot sauce on popcorn.


bruh if you want spicy popcorn just put cayenne pepper on it

thats pretty good

wait don’t

Your all missing out on the dried banana crisps + gravy

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Ever heard of salty and sweet? I HATE YOU

On an unrelated note, sugar is often added to savory dishes and vice versa.