How can i acces/view unturned assets?

I want to create a mod, but i know barely anything about how the game is built. There used to be the masterbundle which had all of the things i needed, like the models, how the files are located, and other important things, but now, after one of the updates i cannot find it anymore, the only files i can edit or view now are heightmaps and .dat files. I did a bunch of research but i couldn’t find an answer.

I’m not sure what you mean here exactly. What kind of mod are you trying to make? Are you referring to the core masterbundle in the game files?

I’m trying to make a mod with buildables and consumables (like the More farming mod)
I am reffering to the core masterbundle (the one that you import into unity and then you got all the assets in the editor)

Bundles/Sources/ExampleAssets.unitypackage in the game files. Project.unitypackage is needed too if you are starting from a new project.


Oh… Thanks!

In addition to the example assets available from the game folder, we also maintain official modding documentation online. If you aren’t already aware, you can find it here: GitHub - SmartlyDressedGames/U3-Docs: Documentation for Unturned's modding features.

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