How can i ban appeal from unturned?

Okay so i got banned on unturned, yes i was cheating, i saw another guy trying to appeal, the mod said he will be banned permanently and he dont care about hem.

still i wanna appeal, i was cheating ONCE, i saw exploiter/cheater on server i was playing and i was kinda stacked, i had no chances with hem because he was flying, and 100% aimbotting and wallhacking, he destroyed my bed, griefed whole base and bullied me in chat, that pissed me off i searched on internet for unturned cheats , rejoined same server but this time with cheats so i can kill hem, sadly i got banned when was flying on map for little bit (dont know if the cheater got banned too)

but yeah if devs can unban me i would be really happy
i promise to never again use that sh*t for losers even if i get killed by one.

  1. BattlEye handles ban appeals, not SDG.
  2. It doesn’t matter why you cheated, you did and so you are banned.

If it bothered you so much, you could always just search another server. Anyways, all you can do is report the hacker to the creator of the server.


All bans are automated and handled through third-parties, and are permanent and non-appealable if they were correctly distributed due to the use of cheats. For additional information regarding BattlEye game bans, contact BattlEye Support. Bans cannot be appealed on this forum. For additional information regarding VAC bans, refer to Valve’s support articles.