How can i play singleplayer with my friend without hosting a server?

How can I play singleplayer with my friend without hosting a server?

As the name says it, singleplayer is a one person thing. In order to play with friends you have to go through a server, no matter how it’s hosted.


It supports lan coop (information from steam tags)

Yeah I mean that’s still a server. You can find quite a few tutorials on Steam/YouTube.

That ain’t singleplayer lol. Plus there are hundreds of server guides that you can follow to play with a friend

Not to mention that there’s literally a ‘‘Hosting’’ button that provides information when you go look out for servers.

just find an empty server with the desired map

I won’t have admin acces

find an empty server with creative access

And with mods that I want? This is nearly impossible.

how about you make a server with a password then

It requires hosting lmao

Are you actually saying this on purpose ?

We’ve given you plenty answers on how to host a server. But since you’re too lazy to use google or even listen to what we’re saying, I’ll just link one here.

yes it’s from 2015, but the process is still the exact same today

Lmao i know how to host server, my friend lives in another town, so we cant play and yes i tried usign lan emulators.

how odd

you sat here acting like you don’t know how to host a server yet you change your mind and say you know how to host one

ok and?
whats the problem its called a “multiplayer server” for a reason

if you know how to host, create a server with mods and a password, then dm the password to your friend

that simple


it wo;; cost me like from 5 to 10$ hossting isnt free

well then your beat and have to use a vanilla creative server

It is when you host it yourself.

ok thanks for all your advices.