How did Nelson make PEI? Does he use the Editor to make official maps?

I’ve been enjoying playing around in the editor making maps. I’m curious though if Nelson uses the editor to make official maps, or if he does so directly in Unity? Is there anyway for normal players to use Unity instead of the editor to make maps?


Prior to devkit, Nelson presumably did use the legacy map editor, while after the release of devkit Nelson used almost exclusively the devkit editor IIRC.

Unity is for configuring/bundling items, vehicles, and other related content to work within the game. It is definitely not for creating maps, and I see virtually zero reason why you’d want to use Unity editor to do so regardless.

I guess its probably not practical, just wondering if its possible to do so for learning purposes. I find it hard to believe that Nelson would have used the legacy map editor for PEI. If not Unity, he must have used some other map making SDK… but I believe there are tools within Unity for creating terrain/maps for your games.

It’s not.

That’s unfortunate, because he did.


Every single map of official, curated, or workshop origins that have ever been made in the history of Unturned 3.0 were done through the legacy or devkit editor, sometimes both. Unity’s integrated tools have never been used.

The legacy editor is not only the easiest editor to use, but at the time of PEI’s creation it was the only editor to use. Again, Unity is never used to make Unturned maps.

…Do you have any reasons for that?

Just because that would mean he made the editor for the map before making the map, and also because of how similar the tools seem to the built in Unity tools. I’ve always just assumed the editor was made for the communities benefit not necessarily Nelson.

Are you saying you know he did? What is unfortunate? Sorry for my English if I upset you I just mean to say surprised like happy not like fake :smile:. Not my first language I don’t know what I did wrong!

The editor came before PEI.

(albeit in a much more limit state)


The first map in unturned 3.0 was not pei. It was alpha valley. Obviously, you would have to make an editor before you can make a map, otherwise how would you make the map xD?

Yes. Map development was livestreamed (although the streams aren’t available anymore)—and it’s not possible to import Unity landscapes into Unturned, because that was never implemented.


I even suggested a police roadblock during that stream lol

I remember playing around with the level editor during Devtest days. It’s been a thing since the game begun.

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alpha valley

The OGs know it as Devtest_1 :sunglasses:

But yeah, PEI was actually like the fourth map or so in Unturned 3.0, considering Devtest_1, Devtest_2, and Canada (all of which have been removed).


How dare you forget Flatgrass :angry:

Flatgrass came after those IIRC.

It didn’t. Flatgrass was added in to test lighting. PEI replaced Canada in

If we include the accidental release of “largetest” in, then that’s another map we can consider as having predated PEI.

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This hurts because I actually included it in the original response before double guessing myself and omitting it.

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