How do BattlEye bans work? Is BE smart enough to ban the main steam account if they use an alt steam account?


If someone uses an alt Steam account and cheats and gets banned, is BE smart enough to ban the other main account through IP or Motherboard MAC ADDRESS? I’m going to run a special server and this information is very critical.

Or is BE too dumb to guess if there are other steam accounts associated with the account they ban?

Try it and find out.


perfect solution

I would like to play on a hacker server… if you make one… for research of this

Rain, I…
HWID is part of the process far as I have been told.
But basically, they don’t work. I have most if not all confidence in BE after getting banned and unbanned myself.

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Battleye Gold Standard bans initially through the steam ID that generates when you purchase the game, so creating a new account and buying the game again can get you around it. They do have some detection of hardware and IP and after youve gotten banned roughly 30 times theyll global ban you with an HWID and IP. Youll need to replace or spoof your HDD/SSD, spoof your MAC address, and use a VPN to play any BE games. The spoofing has to be done at ring0 to be effective. Basically its expensive.

Not sure if BattlEye had tiers of protection for different pricing, but Nelson didnt seem to know anything about their HWID bans which definitely exist.

Nelson cannot seriously believe that cheaters should not get a perm. I can see why he would not trust BE anymore with a record like that but genuine cheaters should get a perm, preferably HWID.

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other games i played banned your HWID and IP after ban

the flaw with HWID bans is that all anti-cheats have different algorithms for it - some anti-cheats HWID ban can be bypassed with a simple computer reset while others need literally either a whole new pc or as effectism said, high quality spoofing

HWID bans are exclusive to all anti cheats since they all do it differently - i’m not aware of how well BE does it since i dont cheat lol

with that being said there definitely should be a HWID ban in place for u2. not having it for the sake of “making bans not permanent” allows a cheater to spend a few minutes to start cheating again on a new steam account

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BE HWID bans are pretty tough to spoof because BE checks your hardware at ring0 (kernel level) and pretty much every free hardware spoof runs out at ring3, and any spoofer that runs at the kernel level is a huge risk to your PC if theyre malicious.

Its entirely possible BE is indeed running HWID bans in Unturned without Nelsons knowledge. Yes, normal BE bans can be worked around fairly easily but once they hit you with the HWID its pretty solid.

I suppose to answer Rains initial question, no Battleye does not seek out a main account. It bans whatever account you were on when it detects hacks.

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OK well this question was asked to kill 2 birds with one stone because

1 - I plan on running an experimental server where cheating is allowed, to help someone develop a plugin

2 - I plan on buying a computer from an IRL friend who IS battleye banned (they got bored of the game, decided to cheat, and got near instantly banned). I don’t want to setup my steam account with that motherboard/CPU/hard drive and run the risk of BE handing me a game ban because of a shared ID.

damn this soudns like some james bond shit bro

If you just play unturned without BE active and setup a non BE protected server then you really wouldnt need to worry about it. Just get a steam alt to avoid a VAC ban. If your friend was only banned once, and it was on his account, BE wouldnt ban you just because you logged in with his hardware. You need at least 30 bans on alts before theyll ban the hardware.

Yes, sure

Shitty deal, shitty friend probably. Why risk it, even is Effectism is correct, Best be the deal of a lifetime.

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