How do I break structures? misplaced wooden crate is blocking the wall

I made a server with me and my friends. we currently were building a base. Someone accidentally placed a Crate nearby a place we wanted to extend the wall of our base. Usually, we just ask the person who dropped it to salvage it. But they are currently not active.

Now we tried destroying the crate by hitting it many times… It doesn’t seem to break at all. any idea why? is there a rule in my server that we can’t break objections placed by players?

Im pretty sure vanilla wooden crates can be only destroyed using raiding gear

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either get your friend online to pick it up for you by holding F (in future I recommend that you all of you get in a team together so can all pick up each others stuff)

:boom: if it has large splash damage to worry about
you use raiding gear such as (you may need to use multiple for some of these items):
-Placing and Activating Demolition Charges with a detonator :boom:
-Placing and Activating Precision Charges with a detonator
-Shooting with a Dragonfang
-Shooting with a Rocket Launcher :boom:
-Sitting in and shooting with a Tank :boom:
-Sitting in and shooting with a Helicopter or Jet
-Bringing zombies nearby if they can reach it to break it

Other options, BUT, you will need MANY of it, its not efficient, or ammo is to rare.
-Throwing Grenades (not makeshift):boom:
-Throwing Sticky grenades :boom:
-Throwing Impact grenades :boom:
-Shooting with a Shadowstalker
-Shooting with a Timberwolf
-Shooting with a Echo
-Shooting with a Grizzly
-Shooting with a Matamorez
-Shooting with a bow or crossbow with an explosive arrow :boom:
-Shooting with a Gun loaded with a Military Fragmentation Magazine
-Shooting with a Shadowstalker MK2 (Not recommended as ammo is exceptionally rare)


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