How do i clear a maps spawns and add my own spawns?

Hi, I have a server and I am using a workshop map that has spawns that i can’t edit in the editor? I tried removing the spawns.dat from the map and then editing it but then it just wouldn’t open in the editor. I tried adding my own spawns in the editor and placing them but then i get this error: Failed to generate an item with ID 0 from type Oil [0]
Unable to find spawn table for resolve with id 17332

These items are modded and i have them in my workshop and the server.

Many maps don’t actually use the in-editor legacy spawn tables. They have their spawns set up as actual asset files. If you’ve ever edited an official map, it’s the same system. Refer to official documentation for understanding what these are, and setting up your own.

You can still delete the spawn nodes placed in the editor, and create your own spawns in the editor. You just can’t edit those spawn tables from the editor, as they’re not actually part of the map. Note that if you’re planning to reupload that map to the Steam Workshop, you should likely discuss that with the original map’s creator.

Alternatively, you could create new spawn tables (refer to official documentation) that hook onto the ones used by the map. Then, you wouldn’t need to upload the map to the Steam Workshop. You’d just upload a mod containing your custom spawn tables instead. Of particular interest (in the official documentation) would be the Root_#_Override flag property. This would allow you to essentially remove whatever original/default spawns were set in the spawn table you’re hooking up to, without actually deleting/editing/replacing that spawn table.

Thanks! If i would to create my own map would that be easier? Is there any documentations or videos that you recommend about the whole map editor? Because I am having issues placing objects :smile: like a house. When I select the object it wont place.

By default, press the E key to place an object after left-clicking one from the list. There’s some community-made tutorials that explore map editing fairly well.

Yeah I found it sorry. Thanks for the help. I still can’t seem to find how to upload my own spawn tabel to the workshop or something like that because now it gets deleted everytime I restart unturned.

Or do I just copy the raw data and paste that in my map spawns?

Spawn assets are set up as their own individual files outside of the map. To actually use them on a map, you need to either create a map with spawn tables that reference the corresponding spawn asset file, or you need to have your spawn asset files be a child of some preexisting parent spawn table.

If you’re creating a new map, and wanting to create item spawns using those spawn tables, then you need to specify that spawn table’s ID in the “Spawn ID” field of your in-editor spawn table.

For an example, see this image:

I’ve created a spawn table on my map named “Example Spawn Table”. I want it to spawn items that normally drop from the spawn asset file used by Horde Beacons.

The ID of the corresponding spawn asset is 1. In the “Spawn ID” field, I’ve input the ID 1.

When I go onto the map, items that normally drop from Horde Beacons will spawn at those spawn nodes.

Notice that this spawn table doesn’t actually have any tiers or items added to it. Everything is handled by the spawn asset file it’s referencing.

Thanks, but this doesn’t make it clear to me how I can save my spawn table. I have created one and its working in my map. But when i restart unturned the spawn table is gone. And i have to recreate the spawn table.

Are you remembering to save the map before you exit? Are you editing a file that you didn’t originally make, and is getting updated/replaced by the Steam Workshop mod it’s from?

On another note, I think it’d be helpful to clarify what you’re specifically trying to do at this stage (since it’s no longer the same as what you were initially trying to do), and to provide a visual of what you’re currently doing (e.g., copy-paste of your spawn table contents).

I am currently making a spawn table in the spawn tables tab outside of the unturned editor. I fill in a unused spawn table id and make a new one. Then when im done creating the spawn table I click write. Then i go into my unturned editor and use that spawn id that i just created. It works fine it spawns the stuff that its supposed to spawn. But whenever i restart unturned the spawn table is gone and if i try to use the map for my unturned server it won’t spawn the items and it comes up with an error. Failed to generate an item with ID 0 from type All [0]
Unable to find spawn table for resolve with id 5888

Thanks for all the help!

Your clarifications are very helpful; thank you.

The “Write” button only saves files, it doesn’t create them—if it doesn’t already exist, then nothing is kept once you exit the game. I had assumed you weren’t using the Spawn Tables main menu tab at all, and had just manually created + edited a file within a text editor.

Manually create a .DAT file with whatever name you want. E.g., ExampleNameHere.dat could be your file name. Make sure it’s an actual .dat file, and not actually something like ExampleNameHere.dat.txt instead.

(While debugging / working on the file, you could set it in the .../Bundles/Spawns/Items directory. But at some point, you’ll want to actually move it out and into your modded project files—wherever that may be.)

Open the file in a text editor, such as Notepad++. Add at least the following lines to the file, and then save the file:

Type Spawn
ID 5888

At this point, you can either make your changes in-game from the main menu, or you can reference the official documentation. If you’re referencing official docs, then manually add whichever properties you need (or use the “Raw” button from the in-game menus to copy-paste properties over). If you’re planning to just use the tools available from the main menu, then you shouldn’t need to do anything else with this file. Save and close.

(Note that this tab does not include the ability to use the Root_#_Override property, which at this time can only be done manually from a text editor if you happen to need that property for something.)

Open Unturned, and input the ID of the spawn table. In this example, it’s 5888. Add roots and tables, and customize their weight as you desire. Click the “Apply Weights” button when you’re done customizing weights to calculate the spawn chance percentages.

If you’re done editing your spawn table, click “Write”. This will save your changes to the ExampleNameHere.dat file you created earlier.

Thanks for all the help your the best support i’ve seen!

I still have a problem. I created the .dat file in Spawns/Items directory I restarted unturned and went to the spawn table. I typed the id and done all the stuff. Then when i click write it didn’t write anything at all. I checked the .dat file i put there and nothing happened. I tried adding a GUID and still it didn’t work. Then I just copied the raw data in that .dat file but still it wouldn’t show up in the spawn tables tab whenever i typed the id.

I don’t know what i did wrong, the other .dat files look the exact same as mine.

This is the error that I get when i run the map on my server.

It looks like your server doesn’t have the latest version of your modded files. i.e., your map is using modded content (like your custom spawn tables, which you might have saved on your client) but you haven’t added the same content to your server files.

Note that the .dat file should be in a folder of the same name, similar to the other spawn tables in there. E.g., ExampleSpawnTable.dat would be in a folder named ExampleSpawnTable.

Could you copy-and-paste the contents of the file here?

GUID 5564865e17d7414f8fa76ec4fcd9848b
Type Spawn
ID 5888

Tables 11
Table_0_Spawn_ID 170
Table_0_Weight 265
Table_1_Spawn_ID 171
Table_1_Weight 155
Table_2_Spawn_ID 172
Table_2_Weight 47
Table_3_Spawn_ID 173
Table_3_Weight 73
Table_4_Spawn_ID 174
Table_4_Weight 16
Table_5_Spawn_ID 175
Table_5_Weight 21
Table_6_Spawn_ID 176
Table_6_Weight 19
Table_7_Spawn_ID 177
Table_7_Weight 10
Table_8_Spawn_ID 178
Table_8_Weight 22
Table_9_Spawn_ID 514
Table_9_Weight 10

// Housing Planner
Table_10_Asset_ID 1764
Table_10_Weight 10

I just copied the construction .dat file to make sure it should work then later on i will change it to my liking. I did change the guid with a guid generator.

this is the directory Unturned\Bundles\Spawns\Items\ExampleSpawnTable\ExampleSpawnTable.dat
I still can’t find it in the spawn table tab. i fill in the right id 5888 and it pops up with nothing.

Also when this works where do i put the file in my server?

Do you maybe have some way to chat like discord :smile:?

For anyone interested, this is a copy-paste of what I sent in DMs:

Your server is going to show that error for as long as your server is missing the spawn table files. Ideally, when you have your working spawn tables, you’d upload them to the Steam Workshop either alongside your map or as a separate download.

If you package it with your map, you could do something like: ExampleMapName\Bundles\Spawns\ExampleSpawnTable\ExampleSpawnTable.dat.

Your spawn table should work just fine. I copy-pasted it into my test file, and it works/shows as expected. Just to clarify, you are hitting the “View” button after inputting the ID into the spawn tables tab, correct?

OP has elected to use the in-editor spawn tools instead for their map.

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