How do i get into 4.0

pretty simple just asking how to get 4.0 it would be greatly appreciated.


you should have either 2400 hours on the game or be a regular on the forum (i mean get the regular badge yeah ok)

Do regulars have access to 4.0?

i think yeah, not sure tho

I dont believe Nelson is handing out keys yo regulars anymore. Right now, you either need to have an old key from when he did, or achieve 2000 hours in unturned.

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You need to score 2000 hours in Unturned to receive the invitation ticket. Once gained, head to the in-game inventory and there should be a button above ‘Stockpile’ on the left. After pressing the button, Unturned II should appear in your game library.

Note that the requirements will lower over time in the future.


Yeah mate Jim’s plumbing is a ripper

Damn i guess i got in late

If you’re close to the hour mark like I am, you can just afk them.

In the first waves of testing, people were manually given keys by Nelson, usually as recognition for community contribution (e.g. being extremely active on the SDG Forums, staff, content creators, etc).

Currently, the most consistent way to get a key for most people is to reach the 2,000 hour mark in Unturned as stated above. By following the directions a key will automatically be given to you.


or ask nelson for a key when your cake day comes

My cake day went and I didn’t get a spare key :intense_judgement:

You didn’t whine up about it several times unlike some people :intense_judgement:


does reddit cake day count?

i have 1100 hours in unturned, early access dlc and gold so i think people with that sould get it also im a natural bug tester (im very unlucky so dumb bugs happen to me)

It must be on the forum I think

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Sorry, thats not enough bud. The reason why it started at 2400 hours is because it is the required amount for the experience beret. It is gradually coming down from there and is at 2000 hours. Just be patient bud.

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