How do I make a custom vest for unturned after making the model

So um yea I have done the model for the vest but I don’t know what to do next I tryed to watch YouTube tutorials but wasn’t helpful pls help

Also I have issues with my textures I made them in blender and idk how to put them in unity

I might be easier to use the Unturned Official Discord to get help. That way you can chat in real time with others and send screenshots more easily.

The main difference between what you’ll see in old videos versus what’s required for the latest version of Unturned primarily just comes down to 1) where the example .unitypackages are located, 2) the version of Unity required, and 3) how you bundle your assets from within Unity.

If you’re having an issue with a specific video, it’d be helpful if you explicitly said what part of the modding process you’re stuck on.

All of the example Unity packages are located in the ExampleAssets.unitypackage. Scripts, mod hooks, and project settings are located in Project.unitypackage.

For further details:

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