how do I remove birdsong?

I probably write to the wrong channel, but let it be. in General, I’m making a map of “MARS” and I need to remove the singing of birds and add the sound of wind to the map :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking:. And it is also desirable that when the night came began like a storm. thanks in advance , I used the Yandex translator :upside_down_face:.

You politely ask them smh

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u can try copy the ambience from space PEI altho idk if that had the default ambience maybe it did idk


Do what danaby said or try going into extras folder in your directory and coppy ambience file from halloween PEI which has like wind sound.


yeah do what renaxon said or what danaby said


You could also make some custom ambience if you were trying to go all out with the Mars theme


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