How do the mythical effects get created?

How do the new mythical effects get created, and or chosen for the game? Is there a way for users to make mythical effects like curated skins? If not I think that that could be a cool addition to the game.

Not ordinarily from the workshop, rather I think Danaby was the first of the curated map creators to request a box rather than bundles (that was the first box in several years) and also submitted a few mythical effects to go with it.


I can’t remember the story behind it, but in 2017 we also added Blood Sucker (by Union).


Pretty sure the story is that Union made a box which was not fully accepted but certain items were added including one of the few mythical effects they made

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Yeah; I remember this upload being accepted (with some of the contents added to the game). I more so meant the process leading up to it getting accepted & implemented as a Halloween mythic.


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