How do we apply to make a workshop map curated?

We would like, for the communitie´s sake, to make Ural Mountains LN a curated map. How do we go about this, @Nelson

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Ural Mountains doesn’t seem to have any custom models or foliage, besides, it’s a place in Russia (Which already has it’s own map) so it’s not really going to get curated.

In order for a map to get curated, you would have to show Nelson a lot of promising things; a new location with new models, foliage and trees along with fresh ideas and such.


If everyone aiming for curation read this the world would be a better place.

I guess I should add that even if your map attempt has all these it still has a chance to not get in

Theres this guide that Nelson made for curated maps.

Edit: also, Devkit is not needed, according to a France team member.

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I have over seven thousand hours in this game and its community. I have been aiding it for years now, since I released my first map, “Deadwalk Isle”. I dont need to procrastinate myself to you random mods, I know the popularity of my maps. I also did not ask anyone but Nelson about this, and your responses show your misaligned authority. We are here to seek a mutual teamwork, not to get dumbed down by ignorance and protocol responses.

None of the responses on this thread are protocol. These are community members, exactly like you (nothing more and nothing less in any way), giving you their input on a public forum you’ve decided to use to ask a question. Just like you take feedback on the Workshop post, people are giving you feedback on this post.

(Speaking of which, you didn’t actually @ him. It’s SDGNelson.)

A lot of the things that have been typically mentioned in the past are more of community-made guidelines than actual guidelines for curation, but it’s still valid to consider them. The best way to ask, in my opinion, would be to contact Nelson directly through Steam (or via a private message if you insist on using the forum here), and ask about having your map curated (or timed curation). You could also send him a link with that message, so he could play test the map.

But since this was posted as a thread that anybody can reply to (giving it the assumption of wanting a PSA more than actually just being a request for helping to reach curation, in my opinion), then there’s no reason others should be discouraged from giving their input on map curation. It’s helpful information to know what normal community members think too, even if some of the things people may say aren’t actually guidelines and more of just “common practices.”


I know the guide,but our problem is Nelson does not respond to our messages. I appreciate your positive attitude, @Molton, but the fact of the matter remains clear, it is almost impossible to reach Nelson, even with the most professional approach. We only seek to deliver fun content for Nelson´s game, and I posted here as this is more or less an official forum, hoping that Nelson will eventually respond. Our map is quickly climbing to top map of all time, and we want to curate it to ensure widespread availability.

Maybe he has playtested it before and just doesn’t want to put it in there? :thinking:

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Like animatic said before:

so yeah, abandon hope of UMLN being a curated map.

your best hope for now is to make a new map (that is based around a irl location of course, and that wasnt made yet) with custom content and all that stuff.

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Maps like North America were not curated due to the fact that they already contained areas of other maps. Therefore, why should this change for your map?

Simply put your maps won’t be accepted just for increasing popularity, you gotta provide some promising content and not just custom objects or using settings that are already covered by other official/curated maps. You can see why Hawaii easily crawls into the game.

Besides, being arrogant puts you in a really bad start. The Hawaii team was really doing well because they answer to community feedback. Don’t idolize yourself with your hours or services :wink:


Well, I’m pretty sure NA wasn’t curated because it was never finished, also because of those damn vertical roads.


Haha! This is the most out-of-place comment I have seen for quite a while! Who are you talking to, @HoneySlime?

@ez its just a fonny joke lol XD

the map is not finished so it cant be added to curated.

That isn’t the main reason.

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