How do you add buildings in unity?

I have tried for a few hours to get a building fbx and I have tried, master bundle, normal bundle but in 5.5 and 2017 and I don’t know whats wrong… (pls help)

It will be difficult for people to help you unless you provide more information and/or screenshots. Just telling us that it isn’t working doesn’t allow people to give a more relevant troubleshooting experience. Please provide more information, thank you.

At what point in the process are you having an issue? Are you having a trouble with Blender/Maya? Is there something you don’t understand about Unity? (You should be using Unity 2017.4.)

Was there a specific guide you were trying to follow?


More things you should provide, are you using a tutorial if so witch one? What are your blender export settings? (A lot of tutorials for modding give you export settings that don’t work anymore, export settings on blender should be the default ones.) Are you using the Examples nelson provided? What operating system are you using? (Most people are gonna assume you’re using Windows if you are then great! If not you should probably clarify.)

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