How do you feel about the look of Unturned II? (Poll)

  • I hate how it looks
  • I like how it looks
  • I dont care how it looks

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Ive seen people talk about it but not rate it on whether they like it or nah.

How good is the game from current betas for everyone?

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What do you mean? There is no subject at all. How is anyone supposed to know what you are talking about when you say “what do you guys think of it?” What do you mean by it?


The game so far, I see that many have played it already I’m just wondering how many are enjoying the game so far

There is no game to play yet, but I like the graphics so far.

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I’m mostly talking to those that’s have the private beta

I’m inclined to agree with LeMaKoTi that there’s no game yet to judge. There’s stuff to give feedback on, but it’s most definitely not “the game.”

Nelson is releasing stuff in small, confined demos that focus on a specific mechanic/feature. It isn’t representative of the game all that much.

Visually, the game looks nice. Mechanically, I have no genuine idea just yet. The only thing people have really gotten a feel for is shooting a bolt-action, and what driving will kinda feel like.


It might have been better if he would have asked what we found of the current progess sdgnelson has made

Hmmm true I don’t usually think about it XD

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