How do you get the Regular role on forums?

Just wondering. Is it like 100 posts or something?

you have to meet certain requirements on the forums such as having a certain amount of posts, visiting for a certain amount of days, etc


Where can I see those requirements?

you cant, only leaders have access to them

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As a matter of fact I actually found them. Some sort of bot linked me them! I’ll create a separate post informing those who do not know, just in case!

These are the requirements.

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Ah, wow, one of the requirements is that you have to have been a member of these forums for 80 whole days…?

Within 120 days you need to at least visit the SDG forum 80 days.


Don’t bother trying to get regular anymore tbh. By the time you get it, the next stage of the beta would probably be released

If your trying to get regular just for Unturned II then your wasting your time. The game isn’t even in Alpha yet.

Please don’t spam likes and make fluff posts/comments just to artificially hit the requirements. Take your time, make quality posts, and focusing on helping out the community and Nelson rather than a role just to keybeg pr brag to friends.

Remembering after achieving the title of regular you must actively participate in the forum, otherwise you lose that title.

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