February–March Forum Update

The SDG Forum has updated its forum software!
And everything it broke should now be fixed.

  • Menus are bigger.
  • Improved staff & user tools.
  • New user preferences & tools (hide your public profile, log out of other devices you’ve used, change text size…)
  • Language options should be updated/improved.
  • The site broke multiple things.
    • You guys broke the site multiple times.

(All of the broken things should be fixed now. The favicon is showing again, the header buttons are visible, and you don’t need 20 characters in a post anymore.)

Changes to your Contributions

Posts (that the original poster had blanked) will now auto-delete in 8 hours (instead of 12). Fair warning – constantly derailing a thread to tell people to stop deleting their posts is spam. The general idea is that, if it’s going to derail the post, then it’s usually not a great idea to constantly do it.

You can add up to 30 options to your polls now (instead of the previous limit of 25).

Some of the educational messages new users receive when trying to contribute have been slightly updated to better reflect the SDG Forum, and the tools provided with it.

A “+ New Topic” button will always be visible, even when viewing a post. If you are viewing a thread when you use this button, it will automatically select that category to post in.

New Badges

I’m still interested in adding new badges to the site, and while these still aren’t anything super unique or even Forum-related, there’s two more Curator achievements. If you have had a skin curated, or a cosmetic curated, there’s now a corresponding badge.

These badges have not been distributed yet. They will be manually distributed soon.

Latest Requirements for Trust Level 3

Changes to your Experience

I cleaned up a lot of the logo assets, and added some new ones (ie: splash screen logo for the Android mobile app shortcut).

Random avatars should stop randomly choosing to permanently not exist.

You can choose your theme from the Hamburger (menu) button [ ≡ ], and you do not have to go to your User preferences.

Staff flair now uses a system that would allow for avatar flairs on a per-Trust level basis (not implemented), rather than just being an SDG Wiki group flair.

“SDG Wiki account” profile field can be filled in from your user preferences, and shows up under the existing fields.


I’ve created some custom color palettes and theme components to improve the themes currently available to you guys. While I have not added or created any new themes, they’ve all been updated.

Light Theme and Sam’s Simple Theme use a custom “Light+” color palette, which makes the header properly visible and adds a bit better contrast throughout the site. The backgrounds are no longer solid white.

Nyx Theme has a custom color palette now, although it is essentially just a “darker” Dark Theme.

Sam’s Simple Theme and Vincent now have bevels around numerous site assets/buttons/fields.

A custom theme component for Vincent improves the background design, making it “darker” like a “dark theme” should be. Light Theme has a custom theme component for “tiger striped” topic lists, instead of having every topic listed on the same background color.


User cards will now also appear on mobile, rather than just for desktop users. Clicking on a username/avatar on a post will open the user card, just like on desktop.

At the bottom of your mobile view, all themes will give you a navigational “tab bar”, for more quickly navigating the site.


Just when I thought I was close to Regular, now I gotta look at 150 more posts

Please elaborate. By this you mean all posts regardless of content will be automatically deleted in eight hours?

Sorry, I was only referring to posts that have had their content emptied by the original poster.

Ah, I see. Danke, danke.

Make sure Union gets his Cosmetic badge. Oh and do Bundles such as the Carpat and Cowboy bundle count as skins getting curated? As the bundles contain skins.

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Yes. I’m counting stuff based on the names listed next to “Workshop Contributors” in the description. For bundles, I’m just looking at the descriptions of the individual items inside the bundle.

Now this, this is epic.

[put it in triangle brackets- noobyfish]


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darker dark theme

the biggest chad


I’m in that state of limbo where I just casually alternate between themes without caring nor realizing now. :slight_smile:

I’m starting to manually hand out the new badges now. They’re being passed out as I fill out this table. There’s still about 50 entries missing from it though, so it’ll be a bit (as I also have to check for any Forum accounts they may have, which most don’t).

he requires the badge of honor


I’m going in alphabetical order


Why are you stealing our data


And it no more ignores my autorotation settings!

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he’s chinese, duh

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Looks like my shit-posting really paid off :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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is there any way we can see this screen?