Quick Guide: SDG Forums Trust Level & Roles! How to achieve the Regular & Leader role!

When you earn a new level, a SDG bot will inform you that your trust level has increased, and will give you a link to a page where you can view trust levels, roles, and their respective requirements. I posted this link above.

A lot of people seem to not know about this, and may have missed this. I’ve seen too many people ask how to get the regular role (including myself, before I found this) so I decided to make this post. Hope this helped!

EDITED (due to replies):

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But I don’t think new people will see your topic and the trust level doesn’t give you a better reputation or something, it’s not really useful to get a higher trust level.


Higher trust levels mean you get to use more posts, replies, and likes per day, which has been fairly useful in limiting the effectiveness of spam bots.

I understand but I meant you just shouldn’t focus on getting higher trust levels, just not spamming for getting a higher level.

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The ranks were slightly tweaked iirc, so this isnt 100% accurate. I remember the actual numbers being tossed around by molton but I couldn’t find them :((


OP has linked the Dicourse default requirements, but the SDG Forums requirements for regular are slightly modified. Here’s the most recently posted list of requirements since only staff are able to view them.

Also, obligatory. /s


Thanks! This really helps. I will edit my post and add this into my post, so that people can see. I will make sure to give you credit.

I didn’t know this myself tbh.

It’ll probably be worth Yarr and I just making a set of pinned guides or whatever in #meta, and probably even #modding. Either as a part of the normal pinned message for the topic, or as their own things. Link to information like TL3, official modding guides, resources for U4 development, etc.


Reach member first before thinking to get regular.


Yeah. And please do keep locking peoples level for obvious spam.

The instructions for leader is a scam.


what are the requirements to reach the trust level 4 :griefer:

Nelson only!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

clearly not? Trust level 4 = Leader…

you know you could just… look up it on discourse

I was just joking about the requirements for trust level 4. You cannot earn it automatically, only can be given

no i meant the topic in general
you could just go to the discourse website

In SDG forums the requirements are slightly different for trust levels as mentioned above

I’d like to see them, Molton clearly seems to have followed them.


Sorry for replying to such an old thread, but how do I view my stats? Like the screenshot that was posted earlier?