How do you get your motivation to make maps?

Early in the mapmaking process, I find myself getting bored and tired of laying out terrain and locations. I get excited again when I actually start placing objects, but lose motivation after finding myself having to furnish every building.

I have one question for all you mapmakers out there - what motivates you to keep making your maps? Is there any tips you’d like to share for newer mapmakers, especially those who are new to the devkit?

I’m very familiar myself with the basic editor, but I’ve never been able to make anything with it because of the lack of motivation. Now with the devkit, I can do so much more but the lack of motivation stops me. I’d really like to get into the workshop and modding community, so if you have anything to share, please do.


I’m only speaking for myself here, but just wanting to create is one of the major reasons I liked working on my map. Sure it gets tedious at times, but I know that after I finish that step there is lots of fun to be had with other aspects.

Something I would recommend is making a map that you can connect to, for example, make your home-country or state/province, things like that can usually help.


i experiment some stuff with objects and terrain when im bored, i.e. rescaling tunnels to make curves, custom bridges using pallets, etc.

i also mess with terrain a lot, so i can get interesting results

if not, i just make custom content for fun and add it

i think @SDGNelsongave to make the editor more simple(it’s too hard for some of us)and i’ll really help us who have dificulty and how have bugs whith MAC soo what are you thinking abaout this and if you want i’ll give you features to add for the map editor.

What? Please just rewrite this to be slightly more legible please…

Ton message en français pour que je puisse le traduire, on comprend rien à ce que tu écris en anglais.

They said that they think that Nelson should make the editor more simple (because it’s too hard for some people) and it’d really help people who have difficulty with the editor currently and for those with bugs with the editor (when using Mac).

They went on to say something to the effect of “so what do you think about this?” “If you want, I can suggest features to add to the map editor.”


Ah, alright, I mean really the legacy editor as of now is pretty simple, just a bit intuitive for some people, but once you get a hang of it and all the shortcuts, its a breeze.

I feel you, I had the same problem too man.

ici c’est en anglais où en français? @Oyamat

C’est en anglais, mais puisque tu as ‘‘FR’’ dans ton nom je t’ai répondu en français vu que visiblement l’anglais c’est pas ton fort.

ok et si tu veut tu pourras traduire toi même dans un autre poste ça m’aiderais.
je pence que @SDGNelson il faut que l’editeur de MAP soit simplifier (il est trop complex surtout avec le systeme de posistionement des routes)ça vas vraiment nous aider à cree des MAP et permettres au joueurs de cree de plus grandes MAPs de plus belels MAP sans grande difficulté.
aussi il faudrais régler des BUGs majeures sur les version MACOSX dont le fait que les joueur MAC ne peuvent pas utiliser les touches 1 à 9 pour changer entre les objets de l’inventaire(entre une arme et un kit de soin par exemple) ni les cameras admin.

Je veux bien t’aider mais si même en français tu galères à écrire un paragraphe sans faire de fautes ça risque d’être un problème, messages privés si tu veux encore me parler.

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