How do you modified a building?

I know, the question sounds… odd and not so understandable. But let me explain.

I was interested in map-making and decided to, make one. The problem is unturned’s default building aren’t fitting with my needs, so I decided to try modified default houses to make it… more fitting.

The problem is, I don’t know how to do that. Sure I could start from a cube to a house, but I think modified it would still maintain that unturned-ish looking.

So, how do you take a specific data of a house, make it into a blender file, and then publish it in the workshop (Without claiming it entirely as my own of-course.) I’m completely new to this, so. Any ideas? Thanks.

Well, sounds like you need to make your own custom Blender models but have no idea how.

On top of an official standard Nelson has set for things like window and door dimensions, there’s a whole array of guides and assets you can use to learn how to model in Blender.

I’m personally not the most experienced using Blender, but I know others here are.

Most assets are not public. There is no public source for getting the Unturned 3 houses so you can modify them.