How hasnt the subreddit gotten this new yet

I was expecting somebody to share the link to the forums by now

Just :thinking:


If that happens then this becomes Reddit 2.0.


Oh god please no one do this

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Fixed that for you -

damnit Hex just keep the secrets

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They keep deleting links to this forum as it seems.

Dont know how “advertising” the official forum of a game on the games subreddit breaks any rules…

The Unturned reddit is too independent…

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Good. Last thing we need is a swarm of immature 13 year olds turning this into the Subreddit or worse… Steam Discussions shudders

But yeah I have a pretty strong feeling that this’ll go down the drain in a few months.


I think there is a rule against linking to other websites for security reasons

How can linking to the official site be disallowed for “security reasons”?

Its not automatic, they do manually.

For example, this has been removed from listening, its only available via link now:

lol idk, I feel like the mods have deleted people’s links in the past though and said something of the sorts

Let’s keep it nice and not name and shame here.

Are there any kind of rules here? Just “Mean stuff” is kinda vague other than the obv. stuff.

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Most of the ‘rules’ are under the FAQ. The rest are self explanatory. :sunglasses:


lets please keep it small no offense to reddit or the steam forums but they get rowdy very quickly

Best to keep this forum isolated from the public. There’s a reason why we got invited in private instead of him posting announcements about it. Also keywords, ‘share to people you trust’

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And yet I found this.
Have to agree tho, the reddit took on a life of its own.

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well I posted before realizing it’s linked from the SDG site. :sweat_smile:

Doubt many folks even look at that site.
Sure, if they get desperate because “Nelson y u no fix” but they tried nothing they may look at it, but other than that …
Well, thus is the sake of a Indie Devs website I guess.

yea fuckin right mate

EDIT: ahhh son of a ■■■■■ its the same necropost time -_-



Reality is often disappointing

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