How it feels to HK Slap - Reload Animations and You

So, guns have bones. Hell yeah! Now I can actually tell what’s going on when my guy waves his hands over my gun! Friggin’ awesome. Now, how else could 4.0 improve on 3.0’s weapon animations? Well…

I could go into reload mechanics like Insurgency Sandstorm’s (which I would absolutely LOVE to see in Unturned), but honestly, I think we need to take a step back before we get there, and just talk about reload animations.

In Unturned 3.0, weapon animations essentially worked like this: if the magazine still had rounds left, you’d simply perform the Reload animation. If the magazine was totally empty, you’d do the Reload animation, followed by the Hammer animation. This certainly worked, but it presented a number of issues.

Most noticeably, reloading while empty just looked…odd. You’d change magazines, go back to idle for a second, and then charge the magazine like “Oh shoot, I forgot to actually load the gun!”. Put like that, it’s almost humourous. It also brought up issues for specific weapons. The Schofield in particular suffered from this - from the reload animation, it would seem that the character loaded a stripper clip into the gun…while the bolt was still closed. This simply made no sense. For the Viper, Maschinengewehr, and Chimera, this presented a different issue - while you technically could just rack the bolt after inserting a new magazine, it wasn’t the recommended way to load these weapons. The “correct” way is to pull the bolt back, lock it up on the sort of…lip of the bolt?..change magazines, and unlock the bolt, usually with a nice hearty slap. In 3.0, this simply wasn’t possible due to how the animation worked.

So for this, I propose two solutions:

  1. (TL;DR: Just do it like a normal shooter. Seriously, I got way too in depth here.) Have separate Empty and Full reload animations, like…pretty much every modern shooter. These would be fully unique animations, though most would probably just have the Empty animation be a copy of the Full animation with a charging action of sorts at the end. Obviously for things like shotguns, revolvers (that don’t take speedloaders), or clip-fed rifles (that can’t just eject all the ammo still remaining in the weapon), this wouldn’t work so well, so they could get their own treatment. Shotgun and revolver reloads would be comprised of a few parts - Cycle In, Load Cycle, and Cycle Out. Cycle In and Cycle Out would essentially be transitions into and out of the loading cycle, and Load Cycle would be an animation of one round being loaded into the weapon repeated until the weapon was full loaded. For clip-fed rifles, they could either share this system but have a Clip In animation replace the Load Cycle if the weapon is loaded while empty, or they could be FORCED to reload only when the magazine is empty, kind of like CoD 2’s Lee Enfield (but without the 5 round reload (but I guess if he added a Lee Enfield he could just straight up do what CoD 2 did with its Lee Enfield…)).

  2. If you want to get REALLY specific, do what DICE did with BF1. Seriously, they went bloody insane with that game’s reloads. It’s genuinely enthralling. I’d imagine it’s just a more complicated #1, but I don’t care.

And yes, I understand there’s the whole “attachment changing” animations that the reloads currently use. I’d hope he could amend to truly let the reloads shine.

tl;dr: i wanna hk slap my mp5 god dammit


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Nice job with the post

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Nice post!

Do you think there should be a “Quick” and “Slow” reload animation like in Insurgency Sandstorm?

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Basically, yes, but I’m not sure if that should be the top priority. Although maybe it absolutely SHOULD be the top priority. Maybe that mechanic would have to be added in BEFORE THIS ONE. I don’t know, honestly.

tl;dr: yeah but this post is about letting me hk slap my gun

also @GreatHeroJ thanks lad :+1:

Can we also address the fact that the Honeybadger, to my knowledge is the only gun in the game that you pull the charging handle back on upon equipping it, where as every other gun does it the normal way.
But anyways nice suggestion, and yes I think we all do want to give the Viper a nice slap on reload.

Actually, the Honeybadger’s equip is supposed to be the player extending the stock. It’s just as dumb, but it’s a bit different.

Also if a gun can get the slap, it MUST get the slap. MP5? Slap. G3? Slap. MP40? Slap. AUG? I don’t care if it’s Steyr, slap the fucker.

To be fair, it’s probably to ‘balance’ the weapon. But yeah, I do agree with you on every slappable weapon being slapped. Let’s add a slap animation to the Colt too.

sten slap engaged

nailgun slap engaged

i agree with op, i seem cooler when I pull back the charging handle instead of hitting the bolt catch on an ar :^)

Well you do that in 3.0 as well. The transition is just bad.

Just Insurgency Sandstorm level complexity? Nah, I’d probably die if we went for something so pedestrian. We must go beyond the impossible, and kick reason to the curb!
While I agree that reloads should be interruptable, with their progress saved, but some things would need to be changed. It shouldn’t require changing weapons to stop a reload, that would put certain guns (for example ones with tube magazines) at a disadvantage for no realistic reason, but trapping the player in a long reload, when their weapon already has cartridges in the magazine. In the video it was mentioned that one round could be kept in the chamber if one reloads early, however it did not mention that a round cannot be kept in the chamber on open bolt guns. In addition I believe stripper clips should be discussed. Any gun that can be loaded via stripper clip should also be able to be loaded with loose ammunition. Stripper clips would of course load more cartridges faster than loading loose ammunition, but you would have to have full stripper clips on hand. Certain guns, namely Magazine, Lee-Enfields, and Type-63s, can be reloaded by replacing their detachable magazines, via stripper clips, or via loose cartridges. On the subject of Lee-Enfields certain firearms should be equipped with magazine cutoffs, so that they can be used as single shot rifles, with the ammunition in the magazine reserved for emergency use. Most automatic weapons should be capable of being cycled manually, or, in absence of a magazine, used as single shot weapons. Of course weapons should be able to be set to safe, single shot, manual, semi automatic, and fully automatic. Back to clips and magazines, magazines and clips should be able to be filled in the player’s inventory, by moving cartridges into them. Stripper clips could be used to load several cartridges into a magazine at once, but they couldn’t be reordered while doing so.

TLDR I quasijokingly suggested a ridiculously complex, and realistic reloading system.

TLDR I quasijokingly suggested a ridiculously complex, and realistic reloading system.

i was about to mention how NWI aren’t a bunch of neanderthals, and then i read that


You actually took this seriously?

i mean after some of the stuff i’ve seen on here? that’s tame

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oh shit
r o a s t e d

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