How Mining/Digging and underground bases could work

So seeing as digging underground, mining for ore and making underground bases and bunkers has been discussed a lot, it’s obvious people would enjoy such a thing (i know i would, moreso for the mining than base building :slight_smile: ) but obviously it would be difficult to do it without making the game voxel based, and being voxel based is 1: unoriginal and 2: difficult to make look anything better than not quite ugly.

We all know how much fun 7DtD is, but the graphics are less than beautiful and really bad performance wise.

So to get around this i think one idea would be to do something similar to RuneScape or Haven & Hearth and make it so you can only mine in a grid, and only in separate underground worlds.

You can access these underground worlds via caves or player-built mineshafts, which go one layer deep. You cannot dig upward or downward, or on the Y axis, you can only dig tiles of rock on the Z/X axix. You must build additional mineshafts which allow you to travel (teleport) to another mineshaft directly one layer higher or lower.

Anything can be built or performed underground that can be done above ground with the exception of farming and such things that need sunlight and whatnot.

The deeper you go, the harder the walls are, the more advanced tools are needed to mine the walls, but the more ore and such you can find. (If perhaps dungeons or similar things are added you would have higher chance of running into burrower zombie/zombie mole/whatever dungeons the deeper you go.)

You probably couldn’t rebuild walls or place dirt/stone, especially not on the surface.

Obviously the biggest problem with this idea is that all those extra layers (worlds) would need to be rendered server-side which could really hurt performance but i just wanted to through one idea for digging underground out there that wasn’t just make the game voxel.


I’m not quite certain about implementing digging into a game like UII, especially when the past 2 (3?) iterations of the game have had surface mining only.
But who knows, it might be a fun feature.


The idea is i’d love a map or gamemode where there’s very few to no towns, cities and villages, forcing players to craft their own weapons, clothes and buildings. It would make metal tools and armor (and eventually makeshift weaponry) more difficult and satisfying to make as opposed to now where you hit a boulder and scrap spits out.

In normal play it could just be an alternative to going into cities to scrap metal things, the pro being you can be safely hidden away in your base.

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I don’t feel like this should be a thing in Unturned. Digging doesn’t feel natural and it would change the whole game.

I only thinking that actual digging could be used on the surface for fields to grow crops, but not to go underground with.


I agree, the only digging that should be allowed in the game is to allow planting trees and crops.
The idea of digging tunnels around the map would defeat the point in building, not only this but it would change the game entirely.

As i mentioned in a similar thread a couple of minutes ago, i think that it could work similar to Battlefield II
You only have 2 types of holes that you can dig. First one is a shallow hole that you can hide in when prone, second one is a little deeper, deep enough to hide crouched. Each of those holes will require 4 shovel uses each and they have a reset timer of 10-15 minutes. If the hole is couch-deep, it would reset completely, so the 10-15 minutes timer isn’t bound for each stage.

This is something that i haven’t written in the other reply but i thought of it now: Since the hole reset will not take part when people are inside, i think it would be fair to have the hole gradually fill up by itself. I know that ground doesn’t magically fill, but if the reset timer is refreshed by a player going in the hole everytime, then people constantly crossing holes would refresh the timer, which could end up having random holes around the map all the time. If the hole is filling up with or without player, if you’re in the middle of a fight and you DO need the hole, you can just shovel it every now and again to keep it deep. The hole filling up is just to remind the player that he needs to use his shovel. If magically filling holes seem like a stretch, we can just have the timer refresh when a shovel is used in the terrain, so people will have to remember to shovel the hole every once in a while.

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it would be nice to dig up a bunch of tunnels to escape geared players

Maybe not straight tunnel digging/mining, would be hard to implement and will be abused, but maybe digging a small hole enough to be able to be hidden in it when prone? Kinda like temporary cover, entrenchment or whatever

And rain will fill the hole overtime 'cuz of mud.


theres an extremely simple way to prevent it being abused. each time you dig a tiny bit, 5% durability from the shovel is taken away

you think that’ll stop them from making more shovels?

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yes as long as they make the shovel an expensive item to craft

Making an expensive shovel that is as durable as tissue paper won’t stop people from abusing it, it will just make it tedious for normal players to use.

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Underground cities full of players forced to work for rations in a survival server. Thanks for giving me that idea, bro.


Yes, except shovels have no reason to be expensive to craft. 2 scrap and a stick is like, a shovel. It already doesn’t make any sense for shovels to be expensive, even in the context of what they do (if digging is implemented)

or make them only spawn at military bases or something

Because only the military uses shovels.

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there is literally drones with high accuracy that can fly 30 feet in the air forever. this game is futuristic. i think its possible that a law could have been passed restricting civilians from using shovels

Okay, you’ve really stretched it far with this one.
Am i a subject of trolling ? I don’t understand…

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what I think would be a better idea if small Mineable hills would Randomly spawn in some parts of the map so you could dig your self a little cove.