How Much it will cost for unturned 4.x Server

I dont have lot of money so i think you should give it a good price im not a hacker im just a player i want it to be less than 10 $ because i dont have money in steam so please hoose a good price Nelson

im not a hacker

How to raise suspicion 101


Server hosting is expensive. How is Nelson supposed to keep them running? Gold donations just won’t cover it. Paying to access these servers is a great move on Nelson’s part. It may not be $10, it may be about $5. It’s to keep the servers running and to filter out the toxic players.

And hackers.

But didn’t you hear the poor man xd


When i read this part"hoose a good price Nelson" I was like what? and then i check the spelling i laughed for 2 minutes XD


A reminder that you are not forced to play on official servers.

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Then, who’ll play on the official server?
And a server hosting is aren’t that expensive, but server BUILDINGS do.
And why are you begging about pricing? We’re living in the capitalism, you may be poor but that’s your environment, we can’t change it but you.

Say it spongebob
I’m poor and proud
I’m poor and proud and I’m American

-Quotes from iNoToRiOuS’ video

oFFIcial SeRvErS OP

Noslon pLeAsE NeRf

Volvo pls fix

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