How Player Presence Should Affect Turned and Item Spawning,

In the current game, in order to survive for an extended time in a city, you must craft a safezone radiator. If you are able to gather the resources to craft enough to cover the area you need, it can be a fun activity to take over a block or two but it is also incredibly difficult to sustain. My suggestion is to remove safezone radiators entirely and replace it with the length of time a player has been in an area relative to spawners.

Building in cities should be just as viable of an option as basing in the middle of nowhere and would really help to fit the apocalyptic vibe II will supposedly have. Player built structures, and the players themselves will (over time) cause all spawns in their area to cease. This will not only stop people from blocking off and hoarding loot but it will make it a much more practical option to take over a town. Disclaimer: I do not think a player should be able to stop all spawning with a single pine siding, I feel that it should only occur once every slot in a building is occupied. The amount of time a player needs to spend in a specific area in order to shut down spawns would be much higher. I would also make it where the longer a player is in an unprotected area (being any part of a town that isn’t fortified by a player) the more turned are attracted to them, this would prevent people afking the shutdown. The amount of offline time it takes for the spawns to resume should depend on the size of the player group and should be configurable by server owners.

I want taking over cities to be a viable option and I think constant player presence should inhibit item and turned spawns within an area.


walls/floors should be able to be placed on to existing buildings


I really like the idea of building in buildings, but even with this system that you are suggesting I still fear the possibility of people griefing loot locations with it
But other than that its good, as long as people can’t grief/block of loot spots then it is fine


Sure, make zombies not spawn near active beds

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The only issue is the potential abuse of this.

I mean i dont understand how this will stop people in camping in areas, Many people actually might use this to their advantage since no loot spawns they can setup a base and now they are good, no one wants to attack them since there is no loot spawning in there such as the gun stores :slight_smile:

Then why do people raid bases that are out in the wilderness?

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Cause they know they got some loot for them and just for the fun of it also

They would attack them so that they can get the loot to spawn again

Didnt think about that and most others wouldnt either so you big smarts and have outsmarted me

They would also attack

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