How rare should the items be?

Well we all know who unturned II will have a gameplay and mechanics but detailed and focused on survival, I open this topic with the intention of opening a discussion about something that will probably be affected with this, the quantity and rarity of items, We know that this can change according to the difficulty, so consider this discussion about the standard rarity of the game, which would be Normal.

First about something basic, food and water (including juices, soft drinks, possibly alcoholic drinks).


We know that survival needs food, so I would like to know how rare it must be, I hope to have game in the game, so probably the food must be rare enough to compensate for killing a deer at the expense of ammunition, but it should also not be extremely rare. because if it will not be practically impossible to evolve in other aspects of the game, what is your opinion?

Now something controversial, vehicles.


Well the rarity of them is good, but the discussion of this item in specific is on servers, it is extremely rare to get a car on a server with 23 more players, most are in the hands of very large groups, maybe the spawn will increase or decrease depending on the number of players? what is your opinion? Something I thought about is having a skill that allows you to make a direct connection between car wires, so abandoned and old cars on the road would be of some use, of course the skill must be balanced so that the keys are not useless.



Backpacks will be paramount items, since they allowed you to take several items, of course it will not be possible to carry 6 different long weapons in a backpack as it is with the alice pack, so should bigger backpacks be less rare? since with the weight and space system having a very large backpack will not be so OP anymore.


145px-Pistol_icon 320px-7.62x51mm_Firing_Range_Gun_model

Well, this is probably the main point of the topic, well unturned 3 has a much more focused on player vs player, but Unturned II will have a lot more things related to PVE, gun cleaning system etc, so it makes me think that maybe weapons as pistols must be less rare than assault rifles, from experience I have found more Avengers and Maplestrikes than colts and aces, which doesn’t make much sense, I think of a more balanced game where anyone can find weapons without much difficulty since ammunition will be a rarer resource, so I think that not everyone will risk spending everything in just 2 minutes of pure KOS, what is your opinion?


200px-7.62x51mm_Ammo_Crate_icon 200px-5.56x45mm_Ammo_Crate_icon 160px-7.62x51mm_Sniper_Mag_icon 120px-7.62x51mm_Round_model 120px-5.56x45mm_Magazine_icon

Continuing now we have ammunition, very different from unturned 3 ammunition will now be much more varied in addition, no more subjective things like “civilian ammo box” now we will have real calibers 556,762, 9x19, so the same ammunition we found for pistols cannot be more used in hunting rifles, in addition to having more ammunition box variants it can be just a small box like a big box, or just a few units, I believe it must be so beyond that we will also have the possibility to manufacture any ammunition, being a scarce ammunition resource can become a bargaining chip between players, what is your opinion on this?


I haven’t posted in a while so my English is a little bad, so I had to turn to the translator, sorry for any grammar mistakes.


My two cents on vehicle rarity, I think UII will have bigger maps, so not being able to find transportation would be really frustrating. I think instead of all vehicles being rare, just air and military vehicles would be actually hard to find, whereas there would be lots of civilian vehicles, but they would all be in a deep state of disrepair, and you need to be able to find the stuff to fix one somewhat near it. I think this would stop big groups from hogging all the vehicles cuz’ it would take a long time to find the parts to fix ALL of them, but just a single player fixing up one car would be able to do it in 10-20 minutes.


I look going for a walk on a large map personally.

I really love how (yes I’m going to talk about zomboid again) project zomboid does it, there’s a shitton of cars everywhere, but some don’t have gas, some have missing parts, some are in too poor of a condition to start, some don’t have keys, so on and so forth. It also means, even in the end-game where everything is being looted, you can find spare parts for your car.


First of all, I wanted to tell you that the presentation of your post is very good and the detail of placing the photo in PNG of each item makes it look very good. About the spawn section of the vehicles I think

These two ideas combined would be incredible with respect to vehicles. I imagine that in a populated city in which there was a crisis, it would be logical that there would be a large number of vehicles parked that were abandoned. Over time these would have deteriorated and would need parts to fix them, gasoline, battery change and tires. You could even fix the lights yourself, so my final opinion is that I basically love this idea.



yeah that’s one thing that really annoys me in survival games right, they present cars as this rare commodity when

On average, there are 1.88 vehicles per U.S. household

in the united states alone, there are more cars than there are houses, so you’d think the place would be full of them


My God, if there really are more cars than houses then I imagine an abandoned city, full of zombies wandering around and with many abandoned cars in disrepair, it would be incredible.


Food must be rare enough to compensate for producing it, whether through agriculture, livestock, hunting or fishing. An interesting way of doing this is by adding crops that can be harvested more than once, like, for example, a tomato plant, according to a quick survey I did on the internet, it produces, on average, 70 tomatoes until it dies, so I think that we could reduce that number to 30 (5 to 7 tomatoes per harvest) totaling approximately 5 harvests until the tomato plant dies.

I agree with the cars, they shouldn’t be rare, but they should be difficult to keep them running smoothly. Now I believe that there should be more alternative ways of getting around, such as bicycles, which we currently have in Unturned 3.0, or scooters, I hope they will serve well for those who haven’t got a car yet.

As for the backpacks, I hope that there is no single hierarchy in the backpacks, as we have in unturned 3.0 (no one will wear a school backpack until they get a trail backpack) so I hope that the backpacks have advantages and disadvantages. A larger backpack, like a travelpack, allows the player to carry many things, however, it ends up making him an easy target, because of his size and colors (these are just random examples that I am giving).

Speaking of weapons, I believe they must be very lethal and rare.

  • But Tiger, what do you mean, more lethal and rare?
    I will answer you in an instant. I hope there are a lot more more gambiarrent weapons, you know? I imagine makeshift pistols and rifles, like no rust. So industrialized weapons like military rifles, or even civilian weapons, on average, should be a little better in every respect. In the following order:

Makeshift Weapons <Civilian Weapons <Military Weapons

In theory it should be something like that, since a gambiarr rifle should be worse than a hunting rifle, which should be worse than a military rifle.

Ammunition, I think it should follow a style similar to weapons.


Regarding the ammo rarity and crafting of it, I think ammo should be the main resource desired after finding a gun. If people have less ammo they will use it more wisely and it should be a lot harder to craft bullets with more advanced systems and workstations.

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