How reload animations in 4.0 should look like

Before all of you bitch on about how Nelson couldn’t possibly make these, keep in mind that all these animations are made by one person and maybe two or three extra people helping every once in a while, and you have to admit, these look as good or maybe even better than the animations in some triple-A titles.


1°: You have to remember that, nelson does every part of the game, not only animationa, like the guys who you mentioned.
2°: He already showed somethinh like that in devlog #2, where the chambwr moves and all that shit, you should go for a look.
3°: Some of those animation would look weird without fingers, and we don’t have those in unturned.


Ehhh reloading wouldnt be too much of a problem, the thing is, animations in games like unturned cant go wrong with stuff like this, you just have to set it up right.?

Reload animations has already been established, although chambering is missing but I doubt he wouldn’t add it.

Besides, reload animations is barely a hassle to begin with. No need to assume that people find it too complex.

As for the video, only thing I could get out of it is alternative reloading animations (Rifles being held left-handed at the handguard while the right hand grabs the magazines). Everything else is basic, really. Only difference is that you have actual hands involved

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