How the "Cobalt" map was created

In this post, I want to tell and show how I created the last map released so far for a long 4 years.

First, it is worth starting with how the idea of making such a map came about in principle.
Initially, almost a year ago, I was actively making curated maps in the hope that sometime in a year, I would finish them.
But then I realized that I should probably do at least some small project, to gain experience, knowledge, and finally an audience of fans.
Besides, many people have told me that creating full-scale projects like curated maps is not a good idea without having a single project behind you.

So after thinking about it, the question was, what exactly would that be? Obviously of the easy ones apart from mods for the workshop, only arenas were left, and I chose Deathmatch as it’s easier than vanilla Arena (e.g. Alpha Valley, etc.)

I was interested in the Cold War theme at the time, and came up with the idea, what if I came up with a Cold War-inspired Deathmatch map? The name “Cobalt” came immediately to mind, it is a pretty good association with the Cold War, well, at least it seemed to me so.

The initial concept for the map was East Berlin from 1985 to 1989 when it was a part of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).
I still have old drawings that I made during my college lessons:

Once the concept was accepted, it was a mistake to start making all the weapons for the map, instead of at least a basic-level design.
then I realized that the idea of East Berlin would be extremely difficult to implement, so I gave up on that idea.
Unfortunately, I have not saved all the screenshots with all the weapons, this is all I found.

After somewhat development, I realized it was a failed idea, and as a result, I burned out for a month.
But I decided not to give up and to continue working but with a completely different idea.

At that moment, I considered making a large underground complex with a closed-corridor room.
Yes, this is exactly the idea that ended up in the release.
Here’s some footage while developing the main complex:

It’s worth mentioning that a huge amount of material inspired me.

I was inspired by games such as - Metro 2033, and Escape From Tarkov. And as for Unturned, I was inspired by the almost forgotten first map of Danaby2, “Bunker Arena”.

Fun fact, to create this complex, it took me about 2 weeks.

After accomplishing the hardest part, I proceeded with the level design.
I don’t think it makes sense to say anything about the creation of objects, at most I can say that a lot of them were taken from my head and references from the Escape From Tarkov game.

The last thing left was also no less difficult, guns. It was necessary to choose guns that would be unusual and at the same time fit into the gloomy post-Soviet space.

Here are shown the very first versions of guns for the map, of course then were added other types, such as BS135, AUR, and F91.

Interesting fact that the KSV93 (VSK94) was originally designed as an automatic (91-9A inspired), without scope

The last two guns were added, which my friend Luci and I decided to improve by adding animated parts on the weapons and a shake when reloading. (AUR, F91)

In addition, it can be said that the development of the map was practically only me alone. All models, sounds and much more were created only by me and no one else. My friend Luci helped me with feedback, but we were both busy with our projects.
But as Cobalt was nearing release, Luci decided to help me with the animations, which not only I am happy with, but also practically everyone I asked.

After the successful release of our map, I wrote to Nelson about adding it as a “featured” map, to which he agreed and I am beyond grateful to him for that.

Why was the idea of a Soviet bunker chosen? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe because I like the Soviet era, or is this the first thing that is associated with the Cold War?

Of course, if the map was not released, or would not be ready, I would not write “how the Cobalt map was created” so here is a link to the Steam workshop

Thank you for your attention, if you have questions, I’m happy to answer them in the comments.


The map came out very cool!
About the map name tho, could it be inspired by rust lore? Because i remember there was something like a multiple references to the “Cobalt” program or company in rust, and some of the rust environments look like something soviet/post-soviet
(also i like the drawings, tho i did something similar during my lessons)

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To be honest, I haven’t touched Rust at all, even when I was inspired or making models for Cobalt. It’s purely coincidental.

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