How to ACTUALY stop kos

So the post about the Lucifer affect raises an important point about how to lower kos or rdm. Here is my idea and it is based off the comments and ideas on there. Pretty much this is what the public and i think would work.
So im also not going into much detail about the topics i agree with or have been said.

  • Hostile environment. Like the other post said, a harsh environment that is easier with a group.

  • less focus on long ranged combat, this is good, i think making being an effective sniper harder should fix this. Adding a wind factor into the game could fix it, so aiming becomes something much harder.

  • More and rarer ammo. Opposite to what the other post said. Having different ammo types would fix people allways wasting bullets on pvp. It would also encorage trading so you could get the ammo you needed for your gun. Carpat did this well. If you have an AR of some kind, with 10 bullets you wont want to waste your ammo on trying to kill some guy who hasn’t much either. Esspicaly if you could fair trade with him for some ammo.

  • Many skill trees and sets. This would mean that it would be harder for solo players, people couldn’t learn all the skills efficiently, having a doctor, a shooter, a forester and a crafter would be important, and finding a good doctor and having him treat a sick ally could be a reason not to kos if your sick.

  • Make pvp difficult, with Low gun skills pvp should be difficult so at the start of a game players with guns will he more inclined to not try shoot each other as they will be poor with weapons. This could be annoying for new players though if a seasoned surivivor comes and lazers them with there gun.

  • Having a big map with lots of forests and undergrowth. If your do get shot at, it should be easier to run away, having big forests with small trees and big trees that players and sneak into if they feel threatened will give the player an option to avoid firefights and hide if they get into one. In three the towns are always in the middle of valleys and trying to esape is difficult as you get seen easily trying to run.

  • Damaging the gear of the player you shoot. Self explanatory, shooting a player will damage his clothing and his items prehaps.

  • Small inventories. People shouldn’t be seen as walking loot bags. Backpacks should be the only big inventory slot along with carry vests, so you wont get a thousand items form one guy, espicaly if there is rare food and water, people wouldn’t waste ammo for some damaged clothes and rags.

  • Tough zombies, zombies should sometimes wander in the forests in hordes. Shooting a gun could attract a horde so being quiet would be important. Gunshots should be heard by zombies for far. No more shooting and three zombies hear it. Zombies should only be killed by a headshot, but body shots should down and weaken them, so many bullets would be needed if you have poor accuracy.

This is a list of ideas, credit of the creator of the post lucifer affect. Check out his post to, this is just my ideas aswell.


How to actually stop KoS,

  1. Make it so people can’t shoot each other.
  2. Make it so that everyone dies the second they spawn.
  3. Zombies are stupidly overpowered and spawn in the hundreds of thousands.
  1. Total yes.
  2. Making it denser is actually the opposite of not focusing in it. But we get the idea, so yes.
  3. Yep. EFT level of ammo variety would be a very decent thing.
  4. Skill system overhaul is planned. How? No clue.
  5. Make gunplay difficult*. And it isn’t just about player skills, but also removing crosshairs, hitmarkers, ammo counter and tweaking bunch of other factors.
  6. More available cover on maps needs to go on a big yes. Maps in 3.0 and earlier looked like elementary school models rather than apocalyptic places.
  7. Big yes.
  8. Smarter spacing, items stacking, sectionalized clothing and weight system are planned. All of that will ensure smaller carrying capacity.
  9. Another big yes.

Also notice these means will work as good deterrents for KoS to reach more reasonable levels, but won’t make it stop totally (nothing will).

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less and rarer ammo would be one hell of a pain in the ass
and what of a server with nobody/not many people on it? i wouldn’t be able to “trade” then. Would I be forced to join a server with more players, a server I don’t like as much?. No. We keep the 3.0 ammo spawns. Trading is fucking stupid. If you get people to “trade”, they would just meet up and one would kill the other and take his shit.

KoS is fine, except we should make it so it doesn’t happen that often. Think about it, if you were a scavenger/explorer in a zombie apocalypse and you see a dude with a gun walking through the forest or whatever, you’d be scared. You’d either run away, or shoot at him, kill him, and steal his shit. Survival of the fittest.

And yeah, make zombies harder, for sure. Make everything harder.

Make my d*ck harder :3
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Two guns are better than one: players could learn and gain some t(h)rust ( :3 ) to each otter ( :3 ).

W kupie siła. (pl.)
Strenght in group.
Strenght in poo.
“kupa” means both of them (mean: same word, same pronounce, different meanings)
feels wierd when saying “King Koopa”, because of the same pronounce

P.S. Also: check Mad Max 2 movie.

  • More ammo won’t allow any noob lucky enough to find a rare raiding gun to slaughter everyone and rape all server’s bases.
  • In emptier servers you have the advantage of keeping most loot places for yourself, you know?
  • Calling for trade then killing would be twice as stupid if OP suggestions are applied properly. In any case, KoS is always easier.

I love how you use this phrase to fall into a recurrent phallacy.

Let me explain. The simple fact is that half of KoSers in Unturned doesn’t kill for:

  • Loot
  • Fear
  • Self awareness
  • Survival

PvP in the game has become a vicious circle on which some kills for loot, then some asses kill out of boredom, and then everyone kills to each other merely for constant revenge or to be “Server’s #1”, because survival itself is a joke and most of those kiddos think this is CoD, PUBG or the like. And this is why KoS is a problem and we want to put brakes on it.

You just acted like you haven’t read half of this post.

And btw, @Nightwolf_Starlight… GTFO you freak, lol.


I think that, if someone saw a dude with a big pack, gun on his back, etc, then they should think whether they should kill them or not, rather than just hammering them with zubeknakov fire and hoping that they win.

If maps in II are made much larger, then the chance of two lone players crossing paths should be rare. Think about it, if spawns are placed all far apart from each other, and a guy is trying to get from one place to another, then they should be relatively geared from looting some places first, if there are some loot locations near his spawn. So if he crosses paths with another guy, it will be a fair fight, and they will have something to gain from winning the fight. It will be a proper battle/showdown.

Also, I think that players could be weakened from being shot, causing them to collapse on the ground or being forced to back out or surrender, in which the winner of the fight could force them to drop their stuff. A better idea would be that if they are shot, they fall to the ground and automatically drop items. Which could be taken by the winner of the fight, and the loser could walk/run away. Which wouldn’t solve the problem entirely, but solve the problem of people killing for loot.

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What about if they found a raiding gun with 2 bullets in it, also raiding guns will hopefully not be a thing in 4.


“Glad to hear it,” said Angua. “Now…where do you get your clay from?”
Igneous’s face crinkled as he tried to work out where this line of questioning could possibly go.
“I got re-seats,” he said. “Every bit prop’ly paid for.”
Angua nodded. It was probably true. Igneous, despite giving the appearance of not being able to
count beyond ten without ripping off someone else’s arm, and having an intimate involvement in the
city’s complex hierarchy of crime, was known to pay his bills. If you were going to be successful in
the world of crime, you needed a reputation for honesty.

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@stuttgart_flugart now that’s a more reasonable POV. It isn’t that hard.

That’s exactly what is tried to achieve: peolple having an actual reason to fight each other, and not just because. That very last phrase is exactly what happens every time that someone KoS.

Also this. However, suggestions here are designed so that people are encouraged to cooperate to each other, leaving PvP as a more middle-to-endgame thing.

That’s why more severe debuffs on wounds and suppression fire effects has been suggested. And regardless that I’d love to see forcing surrender as a very viable alternative, it’s more likely up to player’s will, so it’d take time to be taken seriously, as 3.0’s mindset and traumas will take time to be let go, then it’s predictable that most people will be more prone to finish off their adversary, either for not taking chances, taking as much loot as possible or just because.

The currently known as “raiding guns” could and should damage low tier barricades and structures in UII. And if that happens, there are 2 choices:

  • Look for the ammo and pieces (if damaged) over a quite long time
  • Leave the gun if there’s not enough space, to avoid overweight and take those 2 bullets for future use with another gun

How to stop Kos with some of the following:

Delete all weapon spawns
Ban players who KoS (Dont do this it will give you bad server rep)
Become a liberal and make sure there is gun control

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How to not die to KOS:

Kill them before they kill you /s


How to stop kos:

  • Don’t play multiplayer

So basically make it impossible to do anything solo?
Not all people are decent people who you can team with.


Yes yes yes! This is a great summary and combines the communities ideas. I agree with it all :smile:

You are a disgrace to Poland

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hes not saying make it impossible just like instead of it being less helpful to team up (i.e split loot, trust issues ect.) so you can still play just solo but it will be harder (which is kinda already-ish true)

I would also recommend upping lower tier gun spawns, more pistols and semi/bolt action weapons and less auto weapons.

No it wont be impossible, but you will have to play more carefully with no one to watch your back, you wont be able to moe down a horde every day like in 3.

how to ACTUALLY stop KOS

first, we design a dynamic autoimmune lethal fast spreading virus that spreads through oxygen using genetic engineering, release it on the population (killing everyone) and then nobody will be left to play the game, effectively ending all KOS.

you’re welcome nelson :sunglasses: